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I Can Do This All Day.

Ursula, the Usher of Utumno Untangles the Universe
Morris the Mini in the Multiverse of a Million Maniacs
Boris Bears the Burgundian Banner Behind the BLANKVERSUM
Polly Patrol Pushing up Petunias by the Pristine Paraversum
Atomic Andrea Anticipating Autonomy under the Astronomical Antiversei
Debbie’s Doberman Doubts her Demands During Doubling Demiversei…

“Stop playing and eat your vegetables.”

“Yes, dear.”


For years, I used to completely avoid using artificial guitars. You know, because I’ve got more guitars in my apartment than the law allows.

(That didn’t come out right)

More recently I’ve put some fake guitars on tunes like NASTYENGINETOE, where the synthesized sound is more than wanted.

Or, hang on… Oh I did make those impossible guitar parts in that tune with the horrible rhythms… And then there was the “electro stoner”-piece… And shoot, of course the two (or three) general midi rock tunes…

So I guess, I gave up on this matter years ago! Live ‘n learn!

The Hardest Game In The World

aka The Stupid Internet Challenge Of The Day:

  1.  Watch “USA For Africa – We Are The World” (the music video)
  2.  DO NOT react in ANY way (grin, tears, shivers, whatever)
  3.  If you’re still stonefaced after seven (7) minutes you WIN
  4.  DO NOT post your (possible) reactions online
  5.  Bonus: Tell your friends FACE TO FACE which singer was your favourite

I usually start cracking around Willie Nelson, and I’ve never made it past Huey Lewis without totally losing it. My two favourites are Cyndi & Ray.



Dirty Metal.

Sleaze. Fine word.

Sleaze metal & sleaze rock apparently exist, although they don’t have their own Wikipedia entry – in english. (Does something exist if it doesn’t have an Wikipedia entry?)

So, for all the literate sleazers, sleazists & sleazees out there: You go and make one! Printo pronto!

Something not very metal, but still metal: HEAVY LEATHER. The most judaspriesty song title they never used.

Featuring bass.

Where The Sun.

MSX home computer, made by Toshiba. I think the Toshiba model was HX-10P from 1984, although I may be wrong.

Anyway, the compy had a game called “The Maze Of Galious: Knightmare II”, and it’s like the best ever!

The thing that wasn’t the best ever, was the game’s save system: You had to enter a certain room (a shrine of some sort) in this huge castle the game took place, and the game gave you a 3456 character code which you had to enter to continue your game from that point.

Remember those? Has anyone in the history of the world ever got the kind of code right on the first try?


ALVA bears some resemblance to the music in that save room. And actually, this is not the first time I’ve used “Knightmares” music as a starting point.

“Steal it, hide it, then it’s yours.”

– Isaac Steadman

Just Occurred.

… come to think of it… I think there already is another tune called “Stax Free”… I might have played it back in the late 20th century… It’s probably a pop/jazz/rock electric guitar tune, composed by some finn, that’s not me.

I still may have the music sheet. Somewhere. No, not gonna look. No, no, no. No!

Too hot.

… but hey, I still remember the A-part on a guitar! See?

Anyway, another STAX FREE here.

And in case I forgot to say: Hey you there! Yes, you. You have a nice summer there, wherever you are!

The Truth.

SMS = Wh4tsApp

Mustard = Corn

Deep lying midfielder = Libero

Moose = Elk*

COMTRYA = Greetings

“I did not have a nice dinner with that woman, Ms. Caterpillar” = “I had a nice dinner with that woman, Ms. Caterpillar”

Troll-Dwarf = Giant-Goblin

Online troll = a person behaving badly

*Results may vary.

Fast & Faster.

Sometimes stuff is self explanatory. I would assume that after hearing the first few bars of TURBO, you go:

“Yeah. Turbo.”

(…not that I’d actually know what it means… It’s just one of those words, that made an impression when I was a kid, and cool cars were the most important thing in the world after candy and christmas)

Turbo boosts… umm… acceleration?

Aaand this is how we resist the urge to go0gle one more nugget of useless information. I’m perfectly alright, thinking that turbocharger has something to do with magic.

After all, I still don’t know how a vinyl record & player works, and reading about this is the first thing on my toLearn list.

Is It Already?

From bells to blues we go!

No need to fret & frown, this one’s jolly: SUMMER BLUES.

Concerning the sniff… yeah, that was staged. There was a real sniff in the beginning of a earlier take, and after hearing it for a while, I just got used to it.

Acoustic guitar may be a pretty quiet instrument, but the players (especially the classical masters) do some loud breathing!

The emotion!


Wanted to make bells. So I made bells. Now I got bells.

I think I made some bell music much earlier for the celebration of spring time. And then there’s the big bell related season, which usually strikes us late every year. This time however, we got bells of summer. How original.

So bells, and bells only in ESMERALDA. Because Colin Hunt.

Now there’s a face that always puts on smile on my face.