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Concerning technology.

Electronic dance music (EDM). The words that just roll of your tongue.

Here’s some little known facts about EDM:

– EDM was founded by Dutch composer Dirk Van Hooijdonk in his musical work “Muziek Voor Houtblazers en Percussie in Db-Major, Op. 23” in 1712. Of course this was before the electricity was invented so the music was originally called acoustic dance music (Akoestische Dansmuziek).

– In 1913, German physicist (and amateur cellist) Otto Munchhausen experimented with prototypes for very primitive motion sensor device. The called his invention “radaroscope”. The blueprint for the radaroscope was a few decades later used for the first commercial synthesizers.

– The first EDM single to sell gold in US was “Nachos” by Baba Johnson in 1968. The tune hit the charts again in 2003, when it was featured in blockbuster movie “The Year of the Dreamer”.

Ok, only one of those is actually true, the other “facts” I just made up.

Can you guess which one’s the real deal?

Oh yeah, and: LAZER POINTEE.

Hooray for mammals.

Koko was a great girl. Rest in peace, friend.

KOKO is also a big heck yeah for international co-operation. This time our willingness to work together reaches from China via Trinidad and Tobago to every elementary school music class of the past.

And by that I mean: If you know what I mean?

Coming up (but not) next: Washoe!


Last years autumn pop of the year was delayed pretty badly. In the spring kind of badly. So, this time, we’re right on the schedule:


What’s the deal with must having this “autumn pop of the year” then?

Well don’t ask me. I only know that you gotta have one, once a year. You know, like Christmas.

Halloween is early this year.

MARCH OF THE DEAD. Sometimes a title is worth a thousand pictures.

What I imagined here is skeletons. (Hence the title)

Whether they’re tied to a galley or just casually rambling on, I think they’re not doing so hot.

In fact, skeletons are never doing fine or bad or anything, because they have no brains, feelings or free will. They are merely tools of a powerful being, who’s magically controlling them. Puppets of the Master.

Also, because our skinny friends have no internal organs, muscles or central nervous system, they wouldn’t be able to move without some sort of energy source. In this case – most likely – magic.

Just like zombies.

No, no and no. Zombie apocalypses are not caused by quickly spreading viruses. They’re caused by necromancers.

Those dang, mean megalomaniacs. Always threatening the mankind with their fancy spells and stuff.


A while ago I talked about kongano lacking in the waltz department. Since then, I’ve added a few of those danceable buggers.

Lack of waltzes is no more!

Fun stuff.

Our waltzzy specimen of today is a jazzier one. OH BANANA OIL is also a quote from a very mediocre comedy “The Babe”. (Not the piggy movie, but the baseball one)

When I first heard the line I was like what the fluff, and I had to rewatch the scene to make sure what I heard was right.

And now I know.

That scene (as well as my personal wtf) alone made the movie mediocre, instead of just plain bad.


Just the other day I was listening to Sonic’s Rendezvous Band. Great stuff! Obscure garage-action rock from the 70’s.

Then I got to thinking Foo Fighters, probably the most popular rock band of the 2000’s, so far.

Although the differences between the Sonic’s and the Foo’s are obvious – 30+ years gap for instance – the basic formula of the bands is mutual:

Rockin’ that rocky rock. Simple as that.

So, is the basic formula of rock invariable?

Beats me. I just twang my guitar and hope that my fingers somehow, accidentally find something that pleases my ears.

Or is that the basic principle of rock?

I suppose some things are best left untouched. No need to explain everything. Trust your instincts, man.

By the way, you know who POPOLON is? Why he’s Aphrodites hubby of course.


Are all combinations of words in English language already used?

I thought I was being original for naming a tune ASPECT OF ANT, but no, Dungeons & Dragons (the tabletop game) apparently has some feature of similar name. How was I supposed to know that? I haven’t played D&D in like, 25 years!

Ok, let’s see Mr. Google, are the following expressions taken:

– Fear of plastic cutlery
– TV-spell
– Luminous rampant potato

1½ out of 3 were already in use…

Activate more originality!

Urban birds update.

In a way terms of endearment are like open heart surgery – it’s instructive to read about it, but really awkward to witness.

Double awkwardness & pain for a serious heart condition + diminutive, like “Achy Breaky Heart”. If you know what I mean…

I thought the term “dove” to be of Russian origin, because it’s so frequently used in Dostoevsky’s “Humiliated and Insulted”, but apparently it’s mostly English & French term. You heard this from a non-expert of classic European literature.

Anyways, FLY MY SWEET LITTLE DOVE is not meant to be taken literally.

By the way, the term “toots” which Donald often uses when talking to Daisy, is translated in Finnish as “pulu” (=pigeon).

Although I love Duck comics, “Fly My Sweet Little Domecticated Pigeon” just wouldn’t sound good.