Your Tune

None of the pieces in my site were exactly what you were looking for? You need a specially crafted tune for your needs, and you don’t want to spend hours browsing the internet for it?

Don’t you fret. I’ll make the tune for you! But only if you pay me.

How much does it cost?

It all depends on how long does it take me to make it. Yes, short and simple projects that can be composed and produced in a day are cheaper than long and complex ones. I always give you a rough estimation early on.

My minimum fee is 200 $ or 175 €. This is for an extremely short & simple tune.

How do I pay you?

I accept payments only via PAYPAL.

What else?

Well, not much. After you’ve decided to order a tune from me, all you have to do is CONTACT ME and let’s get started!