Monthly Archives: December 2019


Bananas. They’re great, aren’t they?

They look fun, they are compact, consuming them require to tools and I believe they are among the most popular fruits on earth!

The taste is also great, but the texture of a banana, that’s a more complicated matter.

More raw bananas have great texture. It’s pretty solid, it feels like proper food in your mouth. But the taste of these greenish buggers, well, it can be less than wonderful.

Very ripe bananas on the other hand, taste always the best, but their texture may often be too smushy.

In my experience, the time window when bananas are just perfect is no longer than, let’s say 36 hours. This makes buying & eating bananas a very scientific process. You gotta plan your eatings well ahead and never buy more than a couple of days worth at the time.

Funfact of the day: If do remove the letter “b” from the word “bananas”, you get “ananas”. Weird, huh?

But hey, what has bananas got to do with PHILINGS, you may ask?

Nothing man. Absolutely nothing.

This conculdes our experiment in the field of SEO.

December calls for some December music.

Ok, here’s some Festivus themed music from all of me, to all of you: HEARTFELT.

Yeah, I know, it’s once again a very traditional western one… I promise, one year I shall produce something mind-blowing, something that’s never been heard before. Like, a christmas rock ‘n roll song! Or a bitter-sweet christmas synth-pop-piece of love! Or a heavy metal tune about not getting any presents!

Whaddya know, Festivus has a Wikipedia page. So, go ahead folks and learn about the true holiday spirit!

For the rest of us, merry December!