Monthly Archives: July 2015

From visual to another.

Let me introduce you the cast of ZONE:

– Coins as footsteps on gravel
– Newspaper as dripping water
– Resonating fan as wind and just a threatening fan
– Several drinking glasses with varying amounts of water as extras
– Piano as piano
– Tons of effects as toxic green

Recording this kind of stuff really makes you feel like a mad scientist. Or just a regular crazy person. Fun.

The late update.

Sometimes it’s necessary to make therapeutic music: Music mostly for myself, for the sake my mental health. And if folks find use for this sort of monstrosities, that’s a nice bonus.

What makes a good therapeutic making of a song then? Beats me. I’ve been doing improvisation based stuff as well as highly mathematical, very strict compositions. And blues, pop and classical and so on.

I guess the healing ingredient is just to make whatever seems fun at the moment.

RENT IS TOO HIGH is definitely a “leave ur brain off before entering”-kinda piece. It’s loud, rude and crude. Aesthetically it falls into the “ugly is beautiful”-category.

And it was a blast to make.


And then it’s time for some nice electric storms, gigantic neon signs and never-ending rain.

Unlike many other old sub-genres of sci-fi, cyberpunk doesn’t feel dated. It’s still a scary what if-scenario about the future.

Sure, we nowdays have mechanical hearts, cybercrime and oculus rift. And robotic prostheses and segways and virtual reality. And we’ve got laser eye surgery, self-tuning guitars, smart phones and the internets…

Ok, now that I give it a second thought, cyberpunk doesn’t feel that futuristic anymore. It feels like today! Welcome to the future, my past self!

Soundtracko cyberpunko: NOMADO FUTURO.