Monthly Archives: November 2023

Hallowed II.

Oh hey, this one: HALLOWED KIT… There’s always a piece that gets buried under the newer tunes…

So, the tune is a re-edit… Re-mix?… Re-work?… Re-imagining?… Soft reboot?


Anyway, it’s the same stuff I’ve posted like a year ago, with some added stuff, mostly the drums. The result: It’s the same, but trashier.

I love this version! I like the first one too, but this “Stuart Gordon-edit” really… hey, that’s it!

If only I could start this post over by saying that todays tune is a Stu-G-edit of a composition I made last year.

Incoming Stuff…

… a.k.a. How Your Brain Works, part 34.

When I was constructing todays tune, I found myself thinking of some Peloponnesian things. You know, Athens & Sparta brawling to their heart’s content. I also thought about current events like the discovery of pottery and the nifty formation of phalanx. My order was classical, and I had no arms probably because of the surprise result of Euro 2004.

Then Al Pacino interrupted me by screaming: “Attica! Attica!”

I was very impressed by the music I was producing. It had just gave me some really strong impressions from 2400 years ago. So, I named the tune HELLENIC RAGE.

Then my eyes once again wandered to the software synth I was using. One sound preset was called “Hellenic”-something…

Oh well.

Shout out to Civilization the Board Game: I miss you baby!

60’s It Is.

And now, something we didn’t have before: a nice little pop song, 60’s style. Oh the innocence!

(Yes, this kinda stuff used to be called pop music. This was the age of slowly growing your hair, right before the age of really long hair, which was right before our current age of cutting your hair to look real nice)

There’s some kinks & some small faces of beetles & other animals that dwell in the caves, under some stones… You know…

Imho, CALL HER TELLER is a proper title for this kinds song. It doesn’t really say anything, only implies that there are feelings, which may result in holding hands.