Close Enough.

Aka. the post that was written before the tune in question was even finished.

So, christmas music time it is.

What the heck, man!? Christmas music in november? That’s outrageous, egregious, proposterous!

Chill out dude. I consider this week to be the first of december, because things, like calendar.

Well then, how can you write about something that’s still under construction?

Simple. HYRSKYN MYRSKYN is almost done. I just wanted to take a little break before the final touches, and I thought to be efficient and write stuff in the meantime.

Hmph. I guess that’s ok.

Happy December folks!

“Yees I Wanna Goshdarn Medal!”


Well, that’s because there’s really nothing fancy there… Just heavily riffin’ thrash metal type of fun.

This time I went with a lighter metal song title. No need always for rivers of red, tales of the inevitable doom and hordes and hordes of skeletons with swords & spells & stuff.

It’s the darnest thing… Lately I’ve had this itch to play, listen and produce some good ol’ metal. And not just thrash, but also the nastier kind of stuff. Like blue, gray, death… maybe even black!

I guess it’s the effects of negative age kicking in. Hooray!

Working Title: MedFolk.

… meaning some kind of a medieval type of folk with medium tempo and some at least some knowledge of the future.

After finishing I took the easy route when naming the tune: MERFOLK. You know, those splashy blue guys & girls with tridents and flappity-flaps.

About the guitar… or should I say the lack of it… I definately had intentions of adding some… but then I decided to record it later… and all of a sudden the tune was ready.

Lesson learned: Folk music doesn’t always require guitar!


W o w . O u r  p o s t i n g s  l a s t  m o n t h  l o t s  o f  l e t t e r s . T h e r e f o r e  t h i s  t i m e  n o t .

T h i s  I  g o t t a  d o  p r o p e r l y : FANTASYLAND . D a n s c h ! ! !

W o w 2 . T h i s  l o o k s  t e r r i b l e ! M u c h  d i f f i c u l t y  a l s o . B a c k  t o  b a s i c s  n e x t  w e e k .


Happy Halloween!

I mean, happy week, in which Halloween is in. In most countries.

And by happy I mean “scary”, and by scary I mean “happy”.

BEWARE TAKE CARE contains some real physical grand piano sounds, recorded several years ago. I thought back then that the sound quality of the recordings were not good enough for me to refine ’em.

Now I thought otherwise. The quality was just fine. Afterall, we’re not dealing with super smooth & beautiful stuff here. We’re dealing with ghosts, witches, skeletons and Mike Myers.


Let’s Predict: The Results.

Last month I tried predicting some things. Here are the results of how well I did.

– I’m still not quite used of seeing Jose Mourinho on the AS Roma bench

– My weight & height are about the same

– Folks still have to wear face mask in public places

– I’m starting to feel the need to see Dr. Samuel Loomis, I do make an appointment, feel great disappointment afterwards, not watch “The Great Escape”, but do watch “The Dirty Dozen” instead, because it has Telly Savalas
Incorrect. Instead I watched “Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace” (1962) starring Chris Lee as Sherlock Holmes, “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes” (1970) starring Chris Lee as Mycroft Holmes and “The Hound of the Baskervilles” (1959) starring Sparky as the Hound.

– I still hate mondays, but not as much as in 1992

– Someone famous & pretty old has passed away
Correct. 🙁
“Keep the Good Times Rolling”

– Climate change is still an issue

– I can still see my croquet set from here
Incorrect. I moved their location a few weeks ago, when doing some general housekeeping. Right now the set is in the closet, next to vacuum cleaner.

So, that gives me 6/8. Not bad, huh? Gotta try this again.


Old Joke p.2.

“Jazz musician found himself standing in front of a building. He stepped in and was greeted with smoke and noise made by people smoking & drinking. And the music! In the back of the bar he entered was a stage where a band was playing some jazz. Curiously, he walked further. Jazz musician couldn’t believe his eyes. On the stage playing were all his jazz heroes, playing the best music he had ever heard!

When he got to the front of the stage, somebody handed him a saxophone, prompting him to join the show. At first he was reluctant to perform with the greatest minds in the history of jazz, but not wanting to miss the opportunity, he stepped on the stage to play a solo.

And oh boy, how did he play! He seemed to hit all the right notes at the exact time. He had groove and grace. He made the saxophone whimper and scream. It was a solo, he had only dreamt of playing. He was on fire!

After a lenghty solo, jazz musician bowed for the cheering audience and stepped back while others were doing their solos. He was ecstatic. He was in a hip joint, playing music he loved with some of the best musicians who had ever lived. While wiping his sweaty forehead, he thought that if this was hell, he really didn’t mind.

The song they were playing kept going and going. After performing his third solo, jazz musician started to get little bored. He noticed a lead sheet lying on the piano, and asked the player next to him: ‘Where’s the coda?’.

‘There is no coda’, the player replied.”


The song title that reminded me of the joke was of course NEVERENDING POP ENDING. Pop, not jazz. But pop.

Old Joke.

“Although jazz musician was terminally ill, he wasn’t afraid. He had lived a good life, he wasn’t in pain, and during his last moments in this world, he was in the company of his loved ones.

The only thing that bothered him, was that he was worried the heaven might be a boring place, with all the angels playing harp & singing heavenly stuff.

When his time finally came, he took a spirit form and started floating towards the bright light. As he approaced the light, the jazz musician noticed the heat it was emitting. Very soon it became evident that his journey was not towards the pearly gates, but instead some other place.

Before jazz musician got the chance to get scared, he found himself back in corporeal form. The body he was inhabiting was his own, as he used to have decades ago when he was a young man. As he was still feeling the lack of wrinkes in his face, he started hearing distant music. Jazz musician followed the sounds…”

So, something reminded me of that old joke, which will be concluded next week. In the meantime: STICKY BLEU. It’s blues!

Life Is Like a Dream.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

That of course is the famous quote from the movie “Sling Blade”, starring Dustin Hoffman.

It has its place in the movie, and overall it’s a very nice line, although I must say, highly inaccurate.

Every christmas I’ll receive a box of chocolates (or two), and before the wrapping paper’s all torn up, I’ll know exactly what flavours I’m about to experience.

So, I made some adjustments for the quote, and here they are:

“Life is like a box of chocolates. Guzzling is very often followed by nausea.”

“Life is like a box of chocolates. Nice packaging does not guarantee great taste.”

And my personal favourite:

“Life is like a box of chocolates. It’s arrival gives us pleasure and departure merely makes us hungry for more.”


All this had nothing to do with MAGEWEAVE. Because sometimes life is like a box of chocolates… Bam! And then a Jack-in-the-box springs up your face.