2in1 Part Deux: The Resurgence.

There’s two ways of describing BRIMWALKERS GOODBYE. (yeah yeah, there’s more, but today we’ll focus on just two of ’em)

The literary way:

Listening this so called piece of music steals 3 minutes and 55 seconds of your life, which you could also spend in a 355 more productive ways, like: Minesweeper, sunbathing, badminton, learning a (foreign) language, watering plants, evolving, staring sadly out of the window, browsing though your hat collection, breathing, sitting, doing high fives, clearing your throat, whiskey, thinking of that special someone, folding stuff, healing, getting bored…

The non-literary way:


Choose your destiny.



Bleeaarg! Time to gete hauir & wiwld and shiet!

Yaytyyt bkpod.

Hrygiiandw sseadsodn is here, wduntil gurtwjrt noteive. Aslso, wehb weqribnf several bckodposes in cinejuntioesb, foewu sometoijmne want tj take a littelew shotrycut, alnf jidy fioi arounf.

/A flite sidenote: Ieäds surprinsgu diffuicut ro wetio thbids eaui, tsai di hit dfyuew keus mwsy ti ehsw kdu fou shoul,df ne prwssibnf. Aldi 3: Tdu fou sprakfinf woirm spellinf rrods. I date gou, Samdeuel L. Jacjdson!)

Get Lucky.

Mute alters the sound of a trumpet (and other brass instruments as well) in a very interesting way. The sound it produces is both pleasant & pretty nasty. It stings like a bee that feels really nice in your chest.

Of course mutes also damp the sound, hence the word “mute”.

Brass instruments without mutes might as well be called “deafs”, ‘cos they are loud! You wouldn’t wanna share a prison cell with a guy who practices trumpet with a passion (and who is also doing time for an assault with a deadly labrophone).

So, today we got jazz with strings & a vibraphone and it’s mellotron buddy, starring muted trumpet: NO FLAX.

Goes To Show.

It’s been a while since I made MYSTIK, but I think it’s creation happened as follows:

I was browsing through some synthesizer sounds, without really knowing what I was about to do. I basically just clicked a sound, played a few notes on my keyboard, trying to find something inspiring.

When I hit a sound – which name I can’t remember – I happened to hit the three notes you hear throughout the tune.

I smiled. I had found what I was looking for, even though I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for.

The rest was easy.

Leo II.

It’s funny how a single word can trigger an inspiration to do, well anything. In this case, two pieces of music.


1. something that is in the Alps


1. A very high mountain. Specifically, one of the Alps, the highest chain of mountains in Europe.


1. A Swedish rock band, most notable for their 1986 hit single “The Final Countdown”.

I could do this all day, and have fun doing it. But I won’t. Gotta go out & walk the shoe.

Leo I.

…or more like: “Top 2 Words According to Me, from Leonardo Da Vinci’s Big Book of His Favourite Words.”


1. softness, smoothness, tenderness, mellowness

The translator guy translated the word from italian to finnish as “hämyisyys”, which I particulary like.

Yes, somebody just read Da Vinci’s biography. A fine book it was.

Next week: More words Leo liked!

Summer Boogie.

Summer is here! Sun is shining, super-yay, Al Pacino saying hip hooray.

(Or more like “Hip, hip, whoo ah!”)

What I’m gonna do is:

– Wake up screaming: Gooooooolll!
– Watch 7½ football matches, 3 live, the rest reruns from the 60’s and 70’s
– Try to get some sleep, while WAITING FOR THE MORNING


Good times!


TANGIBLE starts off with my favourite chord, and that just may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever said.

Anyway, the chord is minor 9, that also features a rare instance of b9 – the nastiest of all intervals – inside the chord, in a manner, that makes it sound not-so-nasty-at-all!


The tune is trip-hop, I guess. It’s pretty neat.

Valuable Asset.

Hey yeah. Let me present ye something we didn’t have at all: COOL DOG HOP. It’s rock ‘n roll. Not rock and/or roll, nor “rock ‘n roll”.

It’s pure & innocent historical music, 50’s style. (With slightly more straight-forward rhythm.)

That’s one tune less in my ToDo-list. Now there’s only 345 entries.

Hold on… I just received more information in my ear monitor… There is 346 entries in my ToDo-list… Hang on… the voice says 347… No, 349…