Bread covered with maple syrup & nonpareils.

There are chord progressions that I consciously try to avoid. You know the most obvious ones.

Why exactly?

Now that I think about it, there are reasons, but they’re really hard to explain. It has something to do with “just not wanting to settle for the most obvious result” and so on.

Jeez, that sounded stupid, Dr. Obvious.

Hmm, gotta think about this. After all, pop music often seems to play it safe.

Ok, ok, getting to the point: FADING TOUCH indeed plays it safe. Slight googling informed me that the chord progression in question is called “50s progression”.

Cast an eyeball, daddy-o!

Royal rock.

“Oh good. Again he has taken an idiom, altered it and slapped it on a piece of music as an label. So very clever.”

Yeah, that’s what I do.

“People who play with words are like undisciplined kids who put coins on railroad tracks.”

Absolutely. Although squishing words doesn’t interest me a helluva lot. I like to throw them into the air and get them back all shapeshifted. Fun stuff.

On the other hand, getting FEATHERS IN YOUR CROWN is pretty grim business. Also it’s good balance for last weeks cotton candy and next weeks bread.

Bread covered with maple syrup & nonpareils.


The premise for FRUITCAKE was really straightforward and can easily be explained with a single word: Casio organ.

I can hear some of you smiling knowingly. For those who are not, I suggest doing a image search of those very special words. Imminent aha.

Casio organ. The words just fill me with warm feelings of simpler times, when life was mono and shown through CRTs.

“Feeling a bit blue today? No problem. With our latest product you can change your favourite tunes to play in minor instead of major!”

Made with passion and lemon juice and in Japan and Finland too.

(Almost) summertime blues.

There’s not much to say about GATOR TRACKS other than it’s blues. Acoustic blues alright, from somewhere between Mississippi delta & hillside.

So, I guess you can call it Mississippi steppe blues.

By the way, it’s funny how your inhaling becomes really dramatic when playing acoustic guitar with your try hard pants on.

In the spirit of…

Yeah! My premise for making LADY TAM THE DIPLOMANCER was to produce something in the vein of the Asterix cartoon theme songs.

You know Asterix, right? Everyone knows Asterix?

After doing some research, I found out that there’s several of ’em. Well of course there are, because several Asterix cartoon movies was made, in the course of several decades, duh!

The one particular in my mind turned out to be the song from the movie Asterix Versus Caesar (1985).

How would you say “prog pop” in just one word? Prpogp?

Q & very little of A.

Is everything new automatically good & interesting?

If your buddies would jump off a cliff, would you do the same?

Why my pants seem tighter than before? What’s the difference between arbuusi and watermelon? Where did you learn to fly? Is this really it? You and what army? Is ON THE LEVEE STREET jazz or not? Is this normal? Should I stay or should I go? Who invented love?

Questions, questions, questions, flooding into the mind of the concerned young person today.

To answer at least one of ’em: Yes, yes it is!

It’s so heavy.

Take two of me making synthetic, electronic heavy metal music: HEVY MENTAL.

Man, these tunes are fun to make. The whole premise being silly and somewhat contradictory, constructing this kind of pieces are as stress-free as they come.

All you need is a good soundset and you’re ready to do some desktop headbanging. And yes, it sure helps, if you’ve passed the 101 of how to play metallistic guitar.

I passed mine in 1992!

Suitable for the date.

Years ago, a relative of mine had a picture of himself in his fridge door, making the silliest face he possibly could.

When I asked about it, he said: “The picture reminds me of not to take myself too seriously”.

BALLOON FIGHT is me doing the same thing. Country music meets techno music. Serious face is out the window!

Happy almost may day!

Words, oh only words, I feel terrible.

AMMOIN translates as “a very, very, very long time ago”.

I’m certain that this is the first time I’ve ever used it. That’s because it’s a very, very old expression. Albeit not as old as what it’s referring to.

Fine word that ammoin.

Musically speaking “Ammoin” is something I like to call “pop-classical, big-orchestral movie stuff”. You know the drill.

Dangers of exercise.

I just put OPEN KARDEMUMMA on, and started to do sit-ups. At the same time I was supposed to think, what to write concerning the tune.

Well, the music made me laugh and that set of sit-ups was ruined.

So, the tune is no good for everyday feats of strength.

Next I’m gonna try the tune with cooking.

Note to self: Make music to accompany sit-ups.