Names drop like flies.

See what I did there?

That sounded highly inappropriate. Sorry for that.

Yes, I was going to do some name-dropping here. You know, to explain SACRED RUST, but nah. The title kinda ruined all the fun.

Instead, here’s a little proclamation for the Young audience:

Rock is not dead! It just smells funny. So let the Rolling Rock roam free. We all sometimes feel the Dire need to roll & rock.

10 years ago.

Yup, these “sinister electro-monsters” seem to come outta me naturally. I blame computer games.

BLINDSIDE is not only the title. It’s also a good candidate for a worst movie ever to be nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. Imho.

2009 was not the best year in the history of movies. “Watchmen” was all right. Hangover was not.

Aprils fools.

Or not.

I was thinking of something appropriate for the date here, but decided not to.

Too often the honorable Mr. Internet is here only to troll others, prank innocent bystanders and make things seem flashier than they are. And I don’t want to be part of that.

So instead of making up some preposterous lies about me retiring from the music industry, I’m just gonna say this:

Have a nice day, friend! The SPRING IS COMING.

Too far.

You thought the genres in electronic music are complicated? Or was it just me?

Well, our friends in the field of jazz are no strangers to overcomplicating definitions either.

There’s Bebop, Hard Bop and Post-bop. There’s Dixie, Swing and M-base. There’s Free Jazz, Gypsy Jazz and Soul Jazz. We got Third Stream and Mainstream. Guys over there do Jazz Fusion, Jazz Rock and Jazz Funk.

And of course we all are fortunate enough to have both Hot and Cool!

I’d say LOST CAUSE lies somewhere between Acid Jazz and Fusion. Maybe throw in some French Avant-Garde and Jazz Hip-Hop. And Modal Jazz and…

Me meming.

You know those expectation/reality-jokes?

I’ve kinda got one. Sort of. This one’s from the real life:

Several years ago I asked this guy what he does for a living. He told me his job title. Now because I don’t speak corporate jargon, I asked what he actually does there. He responded with more words I didn’t understand, like “consulting”, “middle management” and “synergy”. As I still must have looked confused, he finally decided to reveal how he mostly spends his days at work:

“I look for used basses on the internet and play computer MAHJONG.”

We soon became good friends.

Breaking the code, breaking the code.

After finishing this particular tune, I kinda thought that it would be suitable for Tetris the Arcade Game. Hence ATRECTARDIES.

Then a week passes and I find out that Tetris the Battle Royale just came out. What a weird coincidence! Although my version was more like run ‘n gun ‘n jump ‘n duck ‘n cover-type of thingy.

You know, the heroic L-shapes’ quest to undermine the influence of the evil Dr. Skew, while waiting for the return of the Stick to save the day.

Now there’s a game I would most definitely play like it was 1986!

Dealing with technical difficulties.

Today I woke up before the alarm clock and I felt quite good & refreshed. After a nice cup of coffee or six, I rolled up my sleeves. The main goal of the morning was to do a little bit of tinkering with some sofware issues I’ve had. Easy-peasy. I’ll show ’em.

Time passed.

Approximately five hours and 27 computer restarts later, I gave up. Gone was the optimism of the morning, my blood pressure was up 275%. I was exhausted, sweaty and hungry. Plus, on my way to the bathroom, I stubbed my pinky toe to the door threshold.

The pain!

Fortunately I knew that there’s nothing a good stretching & a couple of sandwiches couldn’t heal. And an episode of a series I’m currently hooked on. Then I listened SUHMURA and what do you know, this blog was already crystal clear in my mind. That “music” there is in case you ever have similar moments I had today, and you’re completely out of sandwiches & streching.

For the sake of symmetry.

2in1 part deux.

There’s two ways of describing TOUGH TO THE BRIM. (okok, there’s more, but today we’ll focus on just two of ’em)

The 1982 Way:

You may ask, what’s this tune about? Well, let me tell you buddy what the latest hit by The Fictional Band is not. It’s not some wussy stuff that you see topping the charts around the globe. “Tough to the Brim” is raw & real, it’s what rock ‘roll is all about, because rock is evil and it knows no boundaries. It renounces that pop and disco are dead. Good riddance!

The 2019 Way:

While listening to ‘Tough to the Brim’ you may encounter a feeling, have I heard this tune before? If you are unfortunate enough ever to tune in one of those “Classic Rock for Middle Aged People” playlists, you have undoubtedly heard a billion songs just like this one. Distorted guitars, check. “It’s only rock ‘n roll and I like it”, check. Sign of the horns, check. Yawn, double check.

Pick your poison.