Balderdash cont.

BOLLEA’s dominating feature is the chord structure, which keeps repeating throughout the whole tune. This phenomenon is known in classical Italian string-instrument theory as “cadenza di Mustaineapolitan”.

You may hear some “Bondesque” characteristics in there, and you’d be perfectly correct. However, Jacques Bondesque didn’t utilize the chords until late 1800th century, whereas Mustaineapolitan cadence was used as early as late medieval times.

Fascinating, dude. Tell me more.

Ok, ahem… The tune as named after a merchant from the island of Gaios, Theokratiskos Bollea, who in 1572 struck a very mutually beneficial trade agreement with the Medici family to import Greek cheese to Venice. The deal was cut only two years later, when Pope Pepedious III took notice of the vast amounts of high quality cheese that had flooded the market…

Please stop.

Morning Yaks.

Something I just realised: The term “royalty-free” has a double meaning!

That’s funny… Ok, fun is over.

ROYAL BLUE is up about now. It’s steady as Dwayne Wayne. Now there’s a name I haven’t thought about in 147 years.

Completely unnecessary fact of the day: The TV-show “A Different World” was re-titled “Kreisi College” (krazy college) in Finland!

Completely unnecessary fact of the day 2: The TV-show “3rd Rock from the Sun” was re-titled “Kreisi Kollega” (krazy colleague) in Finland!

Completely unnecessary fact of the day 3: One of these stupid facts is outright wrong and a blatant lie!

Coincidences Or (maybe) Not.

February starts with something I like to call “your basic pop-sort of music, packed with nifty grooves & optimistic qualities”. No, I’ve never called any piece of music that before, but that have sure been my mindset multiple times, when I’ve started to work on a pop tune.

So, AMERICAN BANTAM is the title and it has this very special thing built into it: The length, in minutes & seconds.

Now, that may refer to a number of things (!), like the year 313 (when stuff happened in the Roman Empire and not-quite-yet-feudal Japan).

It may also be the compressed way to indicate the last day of march. (some other day if you’re American)

It can also point us to the wonderful world of comics. And that’s where we’re heading.

To be perfectly honest, I don’t’ remember how much of a coincidence all this was. It might’ve been. But then again, I’m a sneaky devil and I’ve may have planned this all along.

We shall never know.


Library without books. Rpg without a character generation. Pizza without meat. House with no door. Lawn without a water sprinkler. Chair without a butt. Song without you; Within You Without You. Friday without fun.

Beer without alcohol.

Plan without a hand. Hand without fingers. Fingers without a guitar. Guitar without strings. Strings without a puppet. Puppet without a master. Master without a plan.

What we’ve got here is metal without distorted guitars: BARREN.

The heresy!

It’s the mood that counts, baby. The mood, the blues. Also, 2×9/4 this month. That’s pretty good!


Then some boogie-woogie-ish stuff.

I was thinking of naming this one “Boogie Woogie Wookie Boogie” or something like that. Quick googling revealed that yes, some other folks have also thought about it. Because you know, the joke is right there.

The letter placing came to a sudden end, when I realised it was like the stupidest “joke” I’ve ever thought about. One could say it was the MOTHER OF ALL DAD JOKES.

That’s better. Not by far, but a bit.

(As a side note, I quite recently read a news paper article about dad jokes. The history, the anatomy, situations when they are told and their purpose. The funny thing was, as thorough as the article tried to be, the writer – in my humble opinion – had totally missed the point of such verbal embarrassments! It’s not rocket science, dude.)

What Was Going On And On.

Well not much, or yeah but no but…

Traditionally the first (or last) post of the year has been about the tune(s) that earwormed me the most in the past year. This time – I’ve gotta say – nothing really stands out.

Sure there were some, earlier this month and in the summer, but those songs kinda just faded away without causing any long-term trauma. Or they tormented me furiously for a very short time. Hit & run tactics sort of away.

You know the songs that’ve been with you for years, and there’s no sign of them going away any time soon? The kind of songs, that you don’t even notice anymore. Songs that are grown into you like a tiny mole in your back.

I have a little theory about that stuff… but I’m still processing it. I’ll get back to you when I’m done.

Some music, aye? Here you go: TAIKA USKOISA. It’s tuned for chips & it’s fun.

Happy new year, folks!

After All II.

Accidental Christmas music time part 2 it is.

Yeah… I was going after some joyous orchestral stuff with quieter and louder parts taking turns, but after adding the glockenspiel, I felt like putting on an elf hat…

But, there are absolutely no jiggly bells or reindeer growls of any kind, so BRAVADO PLAY is not tied to the season.

Hmm, what kind of noise does reindeer make?

Off to the uTub!

Apparently reindeer sounds are pretty boring. It’s kinda like pig grunting, but a little more self respect. To be honest, I was expecting something more majestic. Although, it must be hard a sound enthusiastic when a fat bloke is whipping your butt, while you’re trying to do your job of carrying packages for 8,1 billion people within a narrow time window of 24 hours.

Anyway, wrapping up 2023 here. See you next year.

Merry & happy & greetings!

Time Off.

Then something completely unrelated to any kind of seasons burdens.

BIRDLAD! It’s trance-trip hop-space pop-blip-blop-electronica-whateveryouwannacallit-sort of song.

The bulk of the tune was made on one longish sitting, programming the beat, recording the bass part and adding the organ & synthesizers. Then I took a break, knowing that the composition still needed something more. Like melody or solo but not quite.

So, I recorded some melody and/or solo, but very little!

(I think I was thinking of the saxophone part in “Milky Way” by Weather Report. Spoiler: eton elgnis a ylno fo stsisnoc ydolem ehT)

Good choice mate! Surprises on a steady background.

After All.

About making some Christmas themed music… I was thinking of sitting this year out. But then stuff just kept on coming…

So, I made two tunes that are “sort of” holiday related, in a “kinda” and “iffy” way…

QUADRIFOGLIO is the first one. It’s a pretty little solo piano piece, with no jingling of any kind.

The second one I’ll be uploading… umm, hang on… in two weeks! That bold decicion was made two seconds ago.

Stay tuned & frosty!