Blazing Yamahas.

How do you understand the term “synthesizer music”? What does it mean? What does it sound like? Is it pop with a beat? Are the synths everywhere or just in the background? Do the sounds stab you in the ear, or are they just chilling there, rhythmically or not?

Is your synth sound representative Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Arturia or the one in your phone?

To me, ALTA represents synth music to the core, in a soundtrack sort of way. Not much beat – well, maybe a little garbage can banging. My synth ambassador would be Mr. DX7.

Hmm, I’ve noticed that I tend to use a kind of “annoying sounding” synth sounds quite a bit. You know, like the one in the lead there. Good annoyment. And oh hey, there’s some counterpoint there.

What’s counterpoint?

… no. Not gonna explain. Just ask neighbour or a friendly-looking stranger at the bus stop.

Basie Ending Lite.

Umm, in my notes regarding this tune, it says: “Höppö höp höp”. The extremely loose translation would be: “Silly sil sil”.

(6oo6le translate suggested “whoop whoop whoop” some some reason!)

I think what I meant by those words was that while YES IT THENCE is certainly jazzy, it’s also pretty silly (=höppö). Not high art here, just some fun.

Fun! Cake! Party hats! Woo hoo!

As It Should Be part 2.

Even More Modern Musical Genres:

– Crotchgaze
– The Stuff You’ve Heard a Million Times Before But Worse
– Traffic Danger Step
– Canceled
– For Getting Annoyed At The Supermarket
– Big Pop
– Produced by *add random numbers
– BicepCore
– Nostalgic Antidepressant
– Only Liking This Because The Performers Are Young Which I Am Not
– Urban Snarl

MYSTIKON VAPAAPÄIVÄ falls into the category “For Nature & Science Documentaries”.

Put (something) to (good) Use.

“Tangerines in a bowl of glass…”

That was a line from a song I made – but never completed or recorded – some years ago. It was meant to be acoustic guitar-strumming kinda folk-pop-piece, with vocals and all. But like I said, I was not meant to be, because I decided so.

So, Tangerine here is the remnants of that song… That sounded awful… Umm, let me rephrase:

So, TANGERINE here is a recontextualized version of that song.

Well whadda we got here, a regular Longfellow with posh words & fancy talks?


Listit Yet Again.

Stuff I Never Remember:

– Who shot J.R.
– Buy chili powder & flip flops
– Wer macht die bür?
– Thoroughly clean the bathroom
– Not wear a jacket when taking out the trash, because it’s summer & hot
– What’s the name of the country, right next to the other country which name I also can’t remember
– Free Tibet
– Go Out Jogging

The rest I remember perfectly. Also, BELLS OF SUMMER. Ding-dong.

Note Ho Note.

So, when I was listening this one right after getting it out of oven… I started hearing this… well, thing, that was not meant to be there… a single note repeating right on par with a drum thingy… it was sort of like a ONE HOT NOTE.

Although accidental, I liked it, so I kept it!

The bummer here is that I don’t hear the dang note anymore. I suppose, immediately after the note became deliberate, it also stopped standing out of the crowd.

Well, that’s cool.

Todays keywords: Co-operation, conjuration and conjunction…

Hang on! Conjunction… con—junction, like a cheaty turn.

Also todays keywords: Wile E. Coyote, mind, blown.

The Obstacle.

I can work on commad. I can work when I really don’t feel like it at all. Although music is mostly about feelings, producing it is – just like any other job – mostly just grinding, getting sh… stuff done.

I get stuff done. I get it done when tired and sleepy, hungry, thirsty, back’s aching & heart is breaking. I get it done when I need to, and on given time. I get it done, got it done and I also will.

Some time ago I made music all thursday, until the only condition that prevents me from working occurred. The all-crippling thing is when I lose the ability to tell the difference between good and sh… bad.

You know, like:

Should the chord here be C-major or F#mM9? Guitar, panpipe or Terrortron2000 to join tuba in melody here? Does A-part must be followed by B-part, as usual? Is this obbligato any good? Bonzo or Chad Smith on drums? 4/4 or 2/4? Shall I go with the trust ol’ brzzz-zrz or should the sound in the last chorus be more like nrzzz-nrz-nrz?

If the answer to all of those hypothetical questions is “I don’t know”, then bugger. You need to have a break, man.

The following morning I listened, what I’ve managed to scrape together yesterday. To my amazement – I actually started laughing – the music was really good. I just was temporarily unable to tell it. I finished the tune in record time, and here it is: LAS DALLAS. It’s sort of Las Vegas entertainment beat-music with a stetson.

Yet Another Morning Mood.

Ok, so this one is called JUST A LITTLE MORE and it’s fragile, quiet and pretty classical composition, mostly played by strings.

It’s working title was “Donald Sleeps”, referencing Donald Duck, not the other Donald guy… You know, the bald fella from TV, ex-president, highly associated with New York City.

But enough about Donald Pleasence. There’s a great scene in “Mickey’s Trailer”, a D1sney short from 1938, in which Don’s slumber is rudely disturbed by a violent attack by an alarm clock. That wonderful scene was my starting point for the music.

Warning: The tune features dynamics. No loudness today.

Not Spoonerism.

Synth-wavish music really has become a sort of comfort music for me. And I mean producing it, not so much listening… ‘cos you know, I lived through the 80’s, I’ve heard that music when it was young & fresh. No need for re-runs.

What’s the state of synth-wave these days? Is it still, probably not cool but at least reasonable ok? Or has it become embarrassingly passé? Again.

Has the nineties techno & black shades thing has it’s revival yet? The ultra-cool Matrix-thing? I just might sit that one out.

Anyway, some synth-wave, action-style: LIGHT GLIDER.

Who’s Your Favourite Barry?

Not much to say about HOLD YOUR HORSES BARRY. It’s very straight-forward stuff all the way. It’s got a simple four chord pattern going on and… yeah. That’s about it.

About the title… I don’t know man, sometimes words just want to be connected to a piece of music.

Barry who? Well, all I can say it’s not Levinson, White or Gibb.

Hmm, now that I listened the tune first time after producing it, it really sounds like “a artisan”-type of work. Building variety from simplicity, rotating melody between instruments and so on.

Also, this was the second time I’ve successfully used the phrase “hold your horses” in a proper context!

Oh yeah, mine’s Corbin.