Vintage Pop.

Sea monsters are aplenty.

We got Cetus, Hydra and the Sirens of the Deep. Apkallu is Akkadian, Moby is a Dick and good ol’ Nessie lives in the Loch. Kraken terrorizes the seas of Norway & Greenland. Greeks got Scylla. Leviathan is biblical and everybody loves Cthulhu.

Finland’s got one too: Iku-Turso, the old bugger!

TURSON IKULLE (“For Iku-Turso”) is supposed to be Finnish folk music, as ancient as it comes. Well, not banging two rocks together ancient, but pretty old nevertheless.

Fun fact of the day: The cling-blingier string instrument parts features only five (5) notes – as if it was played by a 5-string kantele!

Balancing Act.

Last update contained some horribleness, therefore we change the course:

FAIRY SONG. It’s cute & fragile.

So, how about those mallets, huh? They are really my go-to instrument when producing this kind of stuff. Let glockenspiel do it’s trick and wham, you have entered the fairytale land, where everything’s colorful, fantastic and magical.

Addition to the New Musical Genres List:

– Magic is in the Air ‘n Sh…

Nasty Noice.

This one starts off with some ear-hurting noises, and ends up in a particulary nasty chord. And what’s hanging there between those two points, isn’t very soft ‘n nice ‘n comfy either. But hey, when a tune is named TERRORTRON, you really shouldn’t expect marshmallows and sunshine.

There’s also some additional bumpy noises, that somehow reminded me of the walking sounds that the enemies do in the video game “Wizard of Wor”.

Or “walking sounds”, ‘cos I played the game on Commodore 64. (It was originally an arcade game)

Oh the memories: Fellows in spacesuits, trying not to shoot one another, those blue wolf guys – which we named as “guys”, the lightning fast spiderbro and of course the terrifying witch, who only appeared once in a blue screen.

Dear modern manufacturers of vintage computer things: Why no TAC-2 with an USB cable available in my location?!

As It Should Be.

Modern Musical Genres, the short list:

– Produced by Dan
– Toothpaste
– Encouraging Cooking, Subscribing & Liking
– Trashy Trailer Music
– Green & Inclusive
– Only Listenable At Gym
– Shill AI Boogie
– Too Artsy Anachronistic Vintage
– Low End EDM
– Grandpa Pantera
– For Lip Syncing

MARSUPILARI falls into the category “For Kids, You Know”.


And we’re back!

Here’s something that is considered illegal in Norway: PARIS DAKAR.

It’s smooth, it’s jazzy and it has latinic stuff in it. Perfect combination to annoy your metalhead friends!

… I just realised, I’ve visited both of the cities mentioned above. Neat. But I still haven’t seen “Paris, Texas”, that’s been on my to-watch-list for years.

I’ve also been in Norway.

And we’re back!

It Came.

What do you do, when you’ve barely slept a wink, and even after injecting a couple of pints of coffee, you’re still a wreck?

Why of course, you make NEON SPIES.

Considering the circumstances, under the tune in question was produced, I’d call it a masterpiece.

A masterpiece in persistence that is. Maybe not music.

And maybe not a masterpiece. Maybe a solid musical thing.

(Editor’s note: This blog was written based on notes of something that happened a few months ago)

Memories of Azeroth II.

So, I was visiting some familiar places back in Northrend.

I rode my trusty wolfy like heck, all across the continent. I met some people, ate some cheese, and let the lightning flash.

The weather was mostly lovely, albeit a bit cold. On specially lazy days, I enjoyed sitting on the pier with my fishing pole. Then I got back to bullying some piggies and help strangers to find their lost luggage.

It was all fun – for about 30 days. Then I was happy to get back home.

Afterwards – this was weeks after my return – it turned out, that a humble musical thing had followed me home. I recognized it… I think I first heard the thing in Dragonblight… Yes, I think that’s what the place was called. Then I casted my spell and made BLOOMINGUS to come alive.

I also considered getting some letters on top of my head, that says “salty”. But after a serious thinking – of about 1.1 seconds – I decided not to. Because I’m not insane.

No wait, I am!

The Liszt.

Earwormed in 2022:

– By-Tor And The Snow Dog by The Rush (again?)
– Mother People by Mothers of Invention
– Secret Messages by ELO (again?)
– Every song by Genesis and Aphrodite’s Child (again and again)
– Every second song by the Move
– The Blues Walk (the theme of “Levyraati”), with lyrics of my own (“ei se mitään…”)
– Beat It by Mike Jackson (the stupid, but oh so lovely bass part)

So much musical stuff that harassed me…

On the other hand, TADAA didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I didn’t even remember I had such a tune.

That’s something we musicians like to call, “being professional”.

Update Update.


From now on, there will be 1 less tune per month.

The Longer Version:

Well, not much to say. Minus one musical object per month really summarizes the whole message here.

The answer to the question “why?” is just as obvious. I am in dire need of the most valuable currency there is, time. By giving myself every now and then a few days off of producing music for kongano, I gain the equal amount of time to do something else. Like music!

The “no-update-week” will be the last of the month.

And hey, some music for ye: RYOKALE.