Comes & goes.

– Soundweave
– Odd combo of assorted brass & woodwinds
– Each instrument shall only play one note
– Notes are to be long & smooth
– D/Ab
– Let’s see what other chords we shall find
– Make the tune “breathe”

These ingredients = DAb CONGLOMERATION

I slipped the “one note only”-rule a bit. You know, for artistic reasons. The trombone felt like having it’s moment in the limelight.

It wasn’t me.

And then we went all LoFi.

GHOST TRAIN twists & turns. It’s mobile and solid and just keeps on going.

At this point of writing this, I started wondering why ghosts? Why not just a normal train with steam engine, coal and lots of noise & smoke?

Well, I did watch the old Disney cartoon “Lonesome Ghosts” back then. I didn’t realise this until now.

This is how monkey brain works I guess.

So, some spooky – or spoopy – mechanical surf rock for ye.


We got names.

We got happenings, comfortable & dangerous. We got places to actually be in and places in the darkest corners of your mind. We got time.

We got colours, we got feelings and we got a condition that makes you wanna dance.

We got intentions, both good & not so.

We got numbers & we got sequels.

We got anagrams, we got word play and we got onomatopoeia.

We got memories, we got headache, we got double & triple entendres and we got something that’s quite absurd & abstract.

We got humans & we got dwarves.

Voila, now we also got GNOMES.

Coming up: Elves, orcs, dragonkin, lizardmen, pixies, skaven etc.

It came from the archives.

I was dancing, I was browsing
I was merely wasting time
What should I do, what should I do

I came across this pergament
I did not recognize
What did I see, what did I see

Handwriting seemed strangely familiar
The title was CONRAD SIEVER
There was music, there were letters
Young man’s heart and soul

I picked up my spade and sharpened my spear
Made music grow like grass
Dear estate of Edgar Lee Masters
Please don’t sue my…

Again §.

No, what it comes to making music, I don’t have any rules. And by saying no, I of course mean yes, I have plenty of rules.

Here’s a bunch:

§9 – Completed tune must be like, really, really good.
§14 – Maintain a good posture.
§87 – Mellotron is not mandatory, albeit desirable.
§203 – Wear pants, unless it’s very hot.
§5678 – If at all possible, when working, try to have some fun.

DATES wrecks a few of these rules to pieces – it has both a modulation and a fade-out.

That’s perfectly fine, because of the following rule:

§1 Breaking these stupid rules is absolutely ok.

Take that, law!


Greetings from the world of Chiptune!

As you may already know, I’m mostly a C-64-kinda guy. Action-packed, hard-rockin’ riffs from the space that is.

However, SMALL-TIME EPIC here is made in the spirit of the opposite camp, meaning NES. (Nintendo Entertainment System)

So, what we’ve got here in chip-orchestral, adventurous, epic goodness.

And purple pumpkin kingdoms, pointy ears, horrible monsters in terrible mazes, evil villains and an inevitable happy ending in a colorful, fantasy world, where life is just a dream!


Heck yeah.

INSANITEETTITILAT is the most fun I’ve had for a while. In the field of producing a tune, that is.

Sometimes it’s fun to go all in, defy the laws of nature and good taste and make something like this.

The tune features my super secret technique of “synthesized random cloning”. Succees number 3, if I’m not mistaken.

Me lucky bugger.