The Truth.

SMS = Wh4tsApp

Mustard = Corn

Deep lying midfielder = Libero

Moose = Elk*

COMTRYA = Greetings

“I did not have a nice dinner with that woman, Ms. Caterpillar” = “I had a nice dinner with that woman, Ms. Caterpillar”

Troll-Dwarf = Giant-Goblin

Online troll = a person behaving badly

*Results may vary.

Fast & Faster.

Sometimes stuff is self explanatory. I would assume that after hearing the first few bars of TURBO, you go:

“Yeah. Turbo.”

(…not that I’d actually know what it means… It’s just one of those words, that made an impression when I was a kid, and cool cars were the most important thing in the world after candy and christmas)

Turbo boosts… umm… acceleration?

Aaand this is how we resist the urge to go0gle one more nugget of useless information. I’m perfectly alright, thinking that turbocharger has something to do with magic.

After all, I still don’t know how a vinyl record & player works, and reading about this is the first thing on my toLearn list.

Is It Already?

From bells to blues we go!

No need to fret & frown, this one’s jolly: SUMMER BLUES.

Concerning the sniff… yeah, that was staged. There was a real sniff in the beginning of a earlier take, and after hearing it for a while, I just got used to it.

Acoustic guitar may be a pretty quiet instrument, but the players (especially the classical masters) do some loud breathing!

The emotion!


Wanted to make bells. So I made bells. Now I got bells.

I think I made some bell music much earlier for the celebration of spring time. And then there’s the big bell related season, which usually strikes us late every year. This time however, we got bells of summer. How original.

So bells, and bells only in ESMERALDA. Because Colin Hunt.

Now there’s a face that always puts on smile on my face.

How To: Be Nice.

– Wipe your feet before entering

– Say hello

– Speak quiet and clear

– Say thank you

– Say thank you

– Treat vegetables with respect they deserve

– Say thank you

– Wipe your mouth before exiting

– Say goodbye

– Make a breakfast for a friend

Also, you know how Blackie Lawless answered, when he was asked what “W.A.S.P” means?

“We ain’t sure, pal.”


Playback Wayback Machine.

Then it’s time for 90’s nostalgia. GENERAL ROCK is the title, general midi’s the jazz.

Little googling did not reveal there to be a specific underground sub-genre of making general midi music only. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if there was, and I just didn’t find any traces of it. It’s a wide world, and lot of wackos out there.

As I’ve said before, GM is the way I started to make computerized music back in the 20th century.

GM – awful sounds – great fun.

Why Is It Always Remake?

Todays feature is no more than a enhancement of a previously released tune. Once again, hence the stupid title of JORDGUBBSSYLT II.

When making the original, my hands were tied to the bar structure of the piece. There was a teeny-tiny adjustment I wanted the tune to have, so made this guy here. Meaning just a little longer B-part.

Otherwise there’s very little to say. The tune is fun, in a springly sort of way.

Not Drive.

More than anything else, MULHOLLAND is a huge, slow-moving mass.

Mess it is not, because it is very steady, umm mass.

Aaand it’s pretty massive.

You might find something familiar there. That is intentional, and was sort of my starting point, from which I ventured for my own direction.

The title came to me while mixing. Dunno where. I do know that there’s nothing to do with William M. or David L. Not even Jack & Warren, those little rascals.

Marie Said It.

KISSNAPPERS CURIOUS DILEMMA sounds like an anagram, but it is not. Or…

“Kissnappers” could be pepsi snarks, ski snappers or apps sinkers.

“Curious” turns out to be a tough one. Not really any good options. Curio us is boring. Rico usu sounds funny but nah.

However, “dilemma” has some great options: Edam mil, lime mad, and my personal favourite Dali Mme.

You could of course try and make the anagram three words long. This way you’d get results like:

Adria opeculums skimpiness

Americanised populism rusks

Auckland primps semiserious…

At this point my computer started growling menacingly, so I stopped.


Back With a Vengeance.

I said I’d do it, so I did it. Dum-di-dum.

MRS COFFEE is an expansion pack for a tune I made earlier. (Released almost exactly three months ago, if you wanna check it out. I’m sure you’ll see what piece of music I’m referring to)

It’s jazz. Not particulary complex kind. There’s like three chords going on and on and on.

I like it! It’s cool. Not “cool jazz” per se. Just, you know, cool.