Monthly Archives: May 2019

Duplicating letters.

I started wondering, on average, how many words these posts of mine have. Not that it matters, I just got curious.

What I could do, is to write an example of a post, count the words and voilĂ , I got my number.

First, let’s just get this out of the way: LONG WAY EVERYWHERE.

A little more, I’d say.

How many words I got so far? 66.

Hmm, do I count the numbers as well? Sure, after all, I’m the one making the rules here.

Now it’s starting to look like a post I’d write. Now, how many words we got. 101.

So, on average my posts contain 101 words.

No, I mean 113.



Challenge of the week: Name songs that has the word “black” in its title. How many can you get in 30 seconds? Two minutes? 2 years?

I bet a lot.

Kongano on the other hand had none. Fixed that: BLACK LOTUS.

Next weeks challenge: Name all the songs that has the word “love” in its title!

6th senseless week of the shorts.

They’re here, they’re below the average length, but they don’t care! They are SHORTS:

“Appetizer for witty banter” is background music for a Hollywood movie of 1940’s or 50’s. You know the kind that has comedy, thrills and romance, all packed in a good 90 minutes. And yes, tons of clever dialogue, spoken with Transatlantic accent.

“Good news” is a playful, yet classy jingle. This may be the shortest tune I’ve made so far. Simple, compressed, perfect.

“Redend II”…umm, I’m sure every Metallica fan out there immediately sees what’s going on in here. The idea and context is straight from one of their songs, but the rhythm and every note – the music itself – you hear are products of my twisted imagination. !skcor dna srehtils tI

Please Lars, don’t sue my butt!

Simple = complicated.

“For a cop and a musician, the answer to the conundrum is always simple.”

I should’ve just believed that totally not made-up quote.

Instead I produced a dashing B-part, recycled the synthesizer sounds in a clever way, made a tons of variety in the melody parts and – as you can already guess – ended up scraping everything I just mentioned.

ICE TEA wanted to stay simple.

It’s like you’ve prepared a fancy meal with truffles and Jerusalem artichoke in a Champagne gravy, but your guest just asks for a bowl of gruel.

Oh well, more nifty ideas left for upcoming tunes.

Afterwards I had some ice tea, with sugar & lime. Yummy.