Monthly Archives: June 2017

New titles.

I’ve named tunes after domesticated animals, all of them mammals. I’ve named tunes after reptiles, insects, fish and countless beasts. Elephant & orangutan even twice!

I’ve named only one tune after a bird, so here’s a second one: JACKDAWS DESERVE APPLAUSE.

Oh hey look, there’s a tardigrade.

I’ve named tunes after fictional beings & races. I’ve named a tune after a certain Great Old One, but I hid it so well, that no one’s probably discovered it.

I’ve named tunes after plants & flowers. And I’ve named tunes after places, like towns, deserts & islands.

Conclusion: I should start naming tunes after food.

Vintage fashion.

When I was a kid, we had a great sport during recesses, in the wintertime: Pull someones stocking cap down over his eyes. At the same time it was appropriate to say: “Kitska kiinni”.

In english those magic words could translated as KIOSK CLOSED.

Yeah, we were kids allright…

What has kiosks to do with the actual music of todays tune?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Five shades of the week of the shorts.

Who likes SHORTS? We like shorts! They’re so short:

“The court of my dreams” is some royal stuff, from the ancient times of sword and sorcery. (In a 1960s italian movie)

“Uudet tuulet” says ding, several times, in the nicest possible way.

“Dangerous sax” is a city at night. Killer’s on the loose. Something terrible’s about to happen. Constant rain, neon signs, police sirens. All the good stuff a proper thriller needs.


Golden oldies, that’s more like it.

I like that good old entertainment music, played with an organ.

Imagine, a proper cocktail lounge in the year 197x: Red leather everywhere, waiters carrying Singapore Slings for thirsty customers. Farrah Fawcett hairs & really ugly ties.

Magic show is about to start. “The Amazing Bradrickus (and Rita)”.

The worst magician you’ll ever see is accompanied by the house band, “Bob Nelson & the Cantaloupes”.

After some vanishing & appearing, it’s the bands time to shine. First song, any guesses?

That’s absolutely right, it’s Besame Mucho.

The following tune is not as widely known. Pretty standard stuff, nobody even notices the song has changed. The tune could be RETIREMENT HOME AEROBICS CLASS.