Monthly Archives: October 2023

Hal O’Ween.

My Halloween traditions start in late september.

First I check if I have any scary tunes available. If not, I better start preparing one.

Then I make sure Halloween is in October, not November. Those two months tend to blend in my mind as a general “deep autumn times”, when the passage of time is measured by the solidity of rain, and whether it moves vertically or horizontally.

At this point I usually get angry during a visit to the grocery store: Yes, Christmas chocolates have already found it’s way to the shelves.

Stupid, delicious Christmas chocolates.

Then I write stuff, post something like GHASTLY GRAVY, and finally forget Halloween exists at all.

Turn Cho Turn.

Ok, here’s something I think much more often than I really should: Will I make it through this earthly life without a bird pooping on my head at least once?

Admit it, you’ve also thought about it.

‘Cos, you know, all the white & gross stuff out there on the pavement, it’s bird poop. Little bird poop, big bird poop, super nasty seagull poop. It’s literally everywhere. And sometimes our winged friends just roll a critical hit.

Note to self: Wear hats more often. Preferably super-size sombreros.

And hey, not to make this post to be all about poop, RUNT OCH RUNT.


If I had to explain what’s going on in WIND SHANTY, I would probably say the following:

Listen carefully the chord you hear at 15 seconds in. That chord is really just all the open strings of the guitar, in standard tuning. This magnificent find gave the whole idea for the rest of the tune.

I think the title came to me when I was about halfway done, and it really guided me nicely during the rest of the production.

Thanks wind, you mighty messer of hairdos!

Coming up, the rest of the elements.