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The importance of appropriate footwear.

Dang it, it’s cold in here. No, colder than that. It’s cold!

This kind of temperature always makes me wonder, why on earth my ancestors thought it would be a good idea to move up north. They probably didn’t even have thermal underwear and portable saunas. Weirdos.

Anyway, I’m lucky enough to be able to dwell indoors by a radiator, have a nice hot cup of tea and set my desktop background picture as a fireplace. And before too long it’ll be summer, and it’s time to complain about the heat.

About the footwear: ODE TO WOOL SOCKS.

The cycle of music, life and everything.

First there was stuff! Whether it was rock, funk, soul or whatever is irrelevant. We’ll just call it by the name of pop. Pop was placed inside records, transmitted by radio waves, it reached listeners and it was good.

Then there was reproduction by machines that were capable of producing sound. The sound – which was definately not as organic as the pop it was trying to imitate – was ideal for newly invented things called computers. So the sound was placed inside computer programs to accompany games, and dang it, was it good.

Now we’ve reached the point when we’ve started to imitate the imitation. There’s a musical genre called ”chiptune”, which essence is to emulate the early electronic music. Early meaning 1980s, when computers and video game systems became household items.

If you don’t want to be too mainstream and dare look way back to the history, I suggest the likes of Léon Theremin and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Now that’s some early electronic madness!

Enough with this blabbering. Some chiptune for ye: ACTIONFACE.

Update & clarification.

Concerning this sites genre ”mood”. The songs on this category deal with:

– Emotions (happy, sad, confused, etc)
– Effects (comical, scary, mystical, etc)
– Actions (running, thinking vigorously, yawning, etc)


– Combinations of those three mentioned above. Songs that contain shameless genre hopping within a tune, will be placed here. (Or somewhere else.)

I don’t know what kind of an overall impression CUTE AND HEROIC BALLAD AND ROCK is supposed to create. Perhaps something like: ”no pain, no gain” or ”after all everything turned out just fine”.

You be the judge. And jury. But please not the executioner.

Konganos so very official Christmas song of 2014.

To celebrate 1st of December, I present thee my tune for the upcoming holiday. This time, right on time.

There are many kinds of christmases: Consumeristic urban one, just like any other holiday one, partying with friends while wearing a silly hat one, performing feats of strenght around the aluminum pole one.

In WINTER SOLSTICE PEACE I tried to capture the mood of the christmas in the most traditional ways. You know, icy lake, red socks, the smell of christmas tree, presents, candles, tons of food and so on. The memories from the childhood mixed up with images from books & movies.