Monthly Archives: October 2015

The almost proper halloween update.

Ok so, this one’s not particulary scary. Or haunting. Or hallowed. But it’s been sitting on my hard drive for a good while, and I thought it’s about time.

ABORRENEAN EARRIP BLUES is horrible. Not that it’s made poorly, I just kind of anticipate that nobody’s ever going to like it nor use it. So go ahead, prove me wrong!

It’s cold, heavy, repetitive and highly mathematical, electrikc mayhem.

About the making of the song… I gotta quote Sister Mary Lazarus here: “It was hell on earth, I loved it.”

Happy halloween folks.

Lol in the flesh.

Few of my songs have made me actually laugh out loud. Not lol, that doesn’t mean squat. But you know, belly moving, mucus escaping, slowly dying and then restarting laughter.

I remember one time the laughing struck when I started thinking, what would 14 year old me think about the song I had just completed. And I tell you, the 14 y/o brat would’ve not approved. (The song in question was “Melange pour trois”, found in the jazz category.)

Next weeks song caused some painful smiling, but for very diffrent reasons. More of that later on. In a week to be precise.

HEADLESS TURQUOISE caused some hysterical giggling during the final stages of it’s making. The tune is just so stupidly fun.

See for yourself.

Do do.

What do you get when you combine 1-ups, mellotrons with natural delay, lofi percussions and bass, playing nonsense, horribly out of tune?

DONCE CAPRI is definitely not the most convential dance music. But hey, it moves & grooves and it’s got untss.

Fun little coincidence of the day: The tunes lenght is also Donald Ducks cars licence plate!