Monthly Archives: March 2018

I think our number is six.

“Shorts are best and the old shorts when really short are best of all.”

– Chin-Witch Sunroll

“Tude Taire” is pretty standard solo piano piece. It’s got sorrow, yearning, tears and all the good stuff. It’s also pretty pretty.

I had the idea to tamper with the former tune, and “Taire Tude” is the result. Yeah, a little word play there. This one’s way happier. You gotta have some balance. And it was fairly simple job.

“Lone wolf” is some tough fella. You don’t wanna mess with him. In here, he is represented by delicious chiptune sounds. Bring it on!

And yes, to hear these pieces, all you need to do is to go to SHORTS.

No need to light.

Some dark & twisted dance music to spice up the mondiest of mondays: SINNERS REPRISE.

Now, hey now! This one’s been sitting on my hard drive for several months now. So, can you guess what classic dance music act I listened around last october, with great nostalgia and enthusiasm?

Yeah, that’s right.


Good day.

Todays compilation of smells & sounds is called OPUS 269. “Opus” refers to the fact that the piece in question is an individual work of art, separate of all the other tunes out there.

“269” tells you the number of these individual works of art I’ve produced with kongano in mind.


I’ll let you know when we hit 513.

Early birdy no hurdy-gurdy.

Yes, we’re early because why not.

Dang it’s cold outside. And because I’m living in an apartment where the windows have been renovated in the 1930s, it’s pretty chilly indoors as well.

Woolen socks & poncho for the win.

Todays piece of art is called THE SPELL OF ICE. It’s appropriate because of the weather, and because I suppose we all can sometimes channel our positive side in when absolutely necessary.