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Dang, it’s sunny outside! Time to put on sunglasses until september.


Focus, man: AGROMANCERS GLORIOUS COMEBACK is some serious folk music. It’s got reckless strumming, overactive flute, balancing synth bass and all that good stuff. Check it out.

Concerning folk music… An accomplice of mine once said: ” You know death is near, when you start to read memoirs and listen folk music”.

That’s two out of two for me.


Arguing & learning.

Soft rock.

Soft rock, man.

Not in my world.

In my world soft rock is pop. There’s no such thing as soft rock.

Aaand then I did some googling and what do you know, soapstone is a rock, that’s actually relatively soft. And I was just talking about it a month ago.

Ok then, soft rock exists. But still, PAIR OF A KIND is pop.

Remake part 2.

Wow, it’s been 2½  years since I last released a remake. Funny how time flies when you’re making prototypes for future remakes.

It would be belittling to say that the tune changed quite a bit during the remaking process. It completely took a new form.

It’s line-up went from rock band + horns to strings + woodwinds, and genre from progressive rock to (neo) classical. Time signature used to be mostly 7/4, now it’s 4/4. General mood chaged from eventful & weird to sad & steady…

Even longer story short: The only thing in common with the original is the chord progression.

Without further ado, from “Conservative surrealist brit” to FUNERAL MARCH OF THE ELEPHANT.