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Jazzy Things.

I dunno everything about jazz, but I know something.

Here are some of the things I know about jazz:

– Jazz is best served smoked.
– “Ba-dee-be-deedla-boo” by The Parker Brothers is the all time best selling jazz album, it’s sales exceeding hundred copies!
– The term “walking bass” may mean up to six different things.
– Jazz attained perfection in 1924, 1939, 1959, 1961 and 1970. It’s scientific fact.
– Whenever you see Giant Steps, run, and don’t look back!
– The sharp notes are very much frowned upon among jazz musicians.
– Jazz is not devil’s music, anymore. Nowdays he’s much more into Dark Wave.

Now that you’ve gained greater understanding of jazz, listen YEZZ.

Action Oriented.

“Ok, so… What was I supposed to do?… Music! That’s it… Let’s make some music!

(Opens up a music producing software, takes a sip of water)

New project… blank, yes… here we go.

(Sounds of sighing, mouse clicking, temple scratching)

Hmm, what’s this synth here, I think I’ve barely used it at all… Hah, great appearance, synth! Ok, sound, sound, sound… what kind of a sound… no… no… no… no… Yes!”

And seven minutes later the tune in question was done. All I had to do was to carve it out of marble… Or maybe cut it out of foam.

SLYBOY SHANKGIRL… I think I was thinking of the Robert Rodriguez movie with a silly title, which I’ve never seen and never will.

Out of It.

There’s a lot going on in PRESSURE. Percussions, woodwinds falling from the sky, stringy stuff and so on, the overall atmosphere being pretty exciting & mystical.

To my surprise – now that I listened the piece for the first time after producing it – there’s only two (2) chords! Also, the chords – played by piano – are in plain sight all the time. The more active elements of the composition just sort of make the chords dimmer.

So, what we’ve got here, is a good example of taking something very small, simple & pretty dumb, and making something – hopefully fun & clever – out of it.

Good job, me!

This post contained 7 –‘s!