Monthly Archives: January 2022

Wrong Day Update.

I think CONSTITUTION was the last piece of music I produced in 2021. That’s famously that time of the year, when yours truly is not in it’s finest form. Despite that, I think the tune came out nicely.

The song also got stuck in my head pretty badly. Usually that doesn’t happen. Survival instinct you know.

Yeah, it’s one of those retro-C64-computer-SID-tunes.

They’re great!

And no. The day is exactly the right.

Lonesome Drummond.

R: MR COFFEE, huh? What’s that? You forgot to add something? Like, other instruments for instance?

L: Well, no. The tune in question was intended to be just drums, drumming away.

R: I see. Are you trying to clever or something?

L: Not cleverer than usually. And I may – some day – produce an extended tune, using the drum track as the basis of another piece of music.

R: Some day, you say? Is this masterful construct your coming out in a week? Two months? Nine years?

L: You’re a jerk.

R: So are you.

Appropriate Seasonal.

I could’ve sworn I had more ice related piano songs than two – including ICE FLAKES – but I guess facts are more right than my hazy impression.

That’s ok. I can live with only two. Although… I’ve got my piano, fingers & brains and it’s freezing out there!

Or should I take a trip to the Bahamas? My skin sure would appreciate it…

Anyway, todays keywords are: Coldness, calmness, beauty of the winter, moisturizer & long johns.

Working Title: Rock!

Fender Stratocaster, old buddy. Good to see you again! I am gladder than gladstone to see that we’re still friends.

Yes, let’s kick off this year with some rock music.

MONDO DISMO is the highlighted part of the blog which you may click.

Points for you if you get the title even remotely. All the points.

And no googling there! Back off, hands up! Freeze!