Monthly Archives: November 2017

Fragments x3.

1) I sometimes hide little easter eggs in my compositions. You know, references to other pieces, or my past work. Mainly I do it to amuse myself, ‘cos you gotta make the happiness out of what you’ve got!

2) In FRAGMENTS OF MEMORIES ALMOST FORGOTTEN, there’s actually two separate eEggs. The first one can be heard in 0.35 and the second one in the very end. Two points for you if you recognize them both.

3) What colour my rubber boots were in when I was 5? What was the brand of her bubble gum? Will I ever again smell that one particular odor from the spring of 1993?

Symphonic RnB.

I think I’ve mentioned this before… Tunes seem quite often to come out in pairs. I don’t know how common this is, or is this just my personal thing… Nor do I really care. It’s only positive that musical stuff flows.

RA BATT is the part one of mixing something classical – in this case the menacing double basses – with modern delivery.

Part deux coming soonish to a kongano near you.

Now, hip hop heavy metal of today, engage!

Too much.

Sooo, it says in CURTSEY FOR A FOOL‘s description: “Everything’s gonna be alright kinda feel.”

I wrote those words spontaneously right after I finished the tune. Now, a little later on, I think those words captured the mood of the piece spot on.

I bet that you could name at least a few other tunes that emanate “everything’s gonna be alright”? Lyrics that mention the words or any (other) Bob Marley song doesn’t count.

How about, can you name a song that has “driving really fast”-kind of a feel?

How about a song that has “The Ultimate Power”?

How about 3, can you name a song that says: “all the wealth I’ve piled up with my music, has had a damaging effect on my skills as a composer and a lyricist”.

As usually, I had to take this thought to a higher level:

Imagine a tune that says without any words: “Hands up, this is a robbery”, or “Take me to your leader”.

What about: “One evening I saw a cloud resembling a capricorn with a demons head”.