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And then something that fits into the sub-sub-genre of “You know, for kids”:


The music should speak for itself.

The genre in question is of course a quote from a movie called “The Hudsucker Proxy”. Wonderful little comedy film that is. Maybe not the greatest thing Coen Brothers put out, but still pretty good and super ok.

Balance is restored after the horrors of Halloween.

We All Owe It To The Psycho.

Here we go again: Spooky Halloween music part k: HALLOWED. Shoutout to Bernie Hermie, and the famous theme from the “Psycho”.

At some point of the production I started to feel the urge to add drum beat. Only with great determination I managed to restrain myself from doing so.

Then I had an idea: Why not redo this tune with the beaty stuff that had been harassing me. So, coming up: Just that!

That version of the piece… I think I’m going after more stuartgordony feel… Something like the theme from “Re-Animator”. You know, orchestral instruments on a silly 80’s beat.

By the way, the “Re-Animator”-theme is of course a blatant ripo… I mean, lovingly crafted reimagining of the “Psycho”-theme, so, that makes the circle very round.

Movie recommendation of the season: “Re-Animator” (1985) directed by Stuart Gordon.

This post contained five (5) colons. Now, that’s spooky!


Umm, änng, hnnggn. How should I put this…

Low-budget western art chamber pop music combo presents: KOKALUU.

Now it wasn’t that hard. All you gotta do is think.

Very often, when making these “classical” tunes, I feel the temptation to add more stuff. And then add even more stuff. Make the whole thing big ‘n spacy ‘n all epic.

Not this time. Todays piece is very grounded, quiet and intimate. Just three instruments there.

That’s it. Hope you like it.

Autumnic Poppish.

Last year (I think) we missed the opportunity to post some delicious autumn pop stuff.

This time, we’re right on time: LOWDOWN. It’s less than cheerful, not very pacefully moving, and it’s miserably vintage. You know, all the good jazz!

With these sort of tunes, I rarely use guitar as the melody instrument. I dunno why.

Today however, we got guitars, both real & surreal, doing it’s magic all over the place, meaning the tune.

The lead guitar has a really nicely echoing sound, don’t you think?

Gotta use it more often.


RIGID is pretty rigid. Musically speaking.

There’s some groove ‘n swing ‘n ding-a-ling, but not very much nor many.

“Solid” would’ve been as suitable of a name. Or “Log”, or “Block”, or any word that has a nice woody quality about it.

But “Rigid” it is. Even though it sounds kinda tinny.