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Monophonic synthesizer is a synthesizer that plays only one note at the time. (As opposed to polyphonic synth that can play several note simultaneously)

That pretty much sums up, where I was going with MONOMAN here – have fun with a mono synth, and make it sound interesting.

To sum things up, what you hear here & there, bass, high notes and everything between, are products of a single synth. (Yeah there are some other sounds too, but it’s the idea that counts)

Now that I think of the tune, “Monomad” would’ve a better title. But it’s too late to change it.

Or it’s not, I’m just too lazy to do it.


Gone south again.

“They often come in pairs.”

– Me, like a bunch of times

A while ago, I flirted with some country & western (yeah, both of them) influnces in a context of a very basic kind of a folk song. Today we’re crossing the line into the world of truck stops, rodeos, stetson & boots.


And hey, there was the wild west tune earlier this year… And the “Mississippi”-metal piece…

So, this has turned out to be konganos American flavoured year…

Maybe I should cut down a little then.

Do I wanna?


TEOPAI is highly based on a single drone synthesizer sound, that’s both disturbing and yet pretty calm.

And yeah…

BTW, it’s not an anagram.

Or it is now, I guess.

Not need to fill in.

Why should I?

No need.



Hear ye, hear ye! The day of reckoning is at hand. The calendar told me that schools open their wretched doors once more.

How dare they hold young folks as captives and give them information & feed them for free!

I myself never disliked schools (or work) opening up again. For me, autumn has always been the beginning of a new year, time to shed your skin, rise from the ashes and so on.

Autumn is the new spring!

Spring. SHIVERS.