Monthly Archives: November 2018


Every time I’m about to name a tune, I check a few things:

1) Does a song of the same title already exist?
– If so, is the title too used or is there a room for one more?

2) Spell check.
– Perhaps misstype mine in a funny way?

3) If made up words are used, check if the word(s) in question actually mean horrible profanities in language I know nothing about.
– If so, change the title.

What I just googled was “two become one”. It turns out, there’s at least two songs of the same name. One by Jewel and another by Spice Girls.

Spice Girls. Now those ladies always made me smile in the 90’s and they still do today. Gal force!

Decision time: I’m not gonna go with “two become one”. CnB is fine. It’s about two becoming one. No lyrics needed.

Oh yeah, and it’s got nothing to do with the Czech National Bank.

Concerning, surprise, music.

Elevator music. Massage therapy music. Pumping iron music. Getting a haircut music. Greek restaurant music. Depressing music.

Supermarket music. Concrete music. Animal noises mixed in music. It used to be cool music. Carrying a backpack music. Song stuck on repeat in a steak house without anyone noticing it music. Only professional critics dig it music. Walking the streets of New York in a white suit music. You tell people you like it, although you don’t, music. Distant, unrecognizable music.

Complicated music.

YouTube video about baking music: BAKING DAY.