Monthly Archives: July 2018

From the vault.

Hand written crumpled note with a tea stain on it:

– Eclectic start & instruments
– Filthy saxophone
-> morphs into distorted guitar
– Drum loop coontdmism gnö…

The rest is incomprehensible.

You thought doctors’ handwriting is bad? Try reading hieroglyphs written in the dark by a tormented artist who’s clearly half asleep.

Summer storytime.

It seems it’s summer. And with summer comes the news headlines, such as: “Hey look, it’s warm and bright, and us editors think that you should spend much more time outside than you’d do, if the weather would be less bright & sunny.”

There’s also saturday morning reports like: “Disaster strikes in Yourburg; It’s not very warm at all! You better grab your sou’westers, folks.”

Yes, us humans possess this weird habit of continually stating and repeating the obvious, in this case the weather. But why do we also need professionals to make sure we absolutely positively get this?

By professionals I of course mean janitors.

“Breaking news!!! English pop group Fink Ployd is not going to reform! There hasn’t been any talks between the surviving members of the group and there hasn’t ever been any indication that the group would reform. Bands fictional representative didn’t comment anything for the reporter who wasn’t on the case.” (- N.T.A.T.)


Quote from a Dane.

When it comes to making humble musical notes, I am very much of a pen & paper kind of a guy. It’s easy, fast, perfect.

However, it’s pretty rare that I produce music that’s completely ready on paper.

IT’S ALL BUT A DREAM is an exception because it was written as a guitar picking étude for my pupils. It sounded so nice during a class that I thought why not record it.

So there you go. Maybe a bit more musical ambience than normally, but hey. Music’s sometimes fun. Amirite?

1 + 1 …

First we had Nomado Futuro.

Now we’ve got EL GRUNGO PASTO.

So, the next one could be Pastoral Presente?

After that, we can call our little trilogy, well, a trilogy, and call it a day. Or we could do some serious universe bending to acceess a place beyond time.

Sounds like a job for the Composer Man, advocate of literacy, defender of pandiatonicism!

Abbrevation of abbrevation.

There’s an old saying that goes: If it smells like medieval music and if it tastes like medieval music, it’s probably medieval music.

So, BALLA ARD is medieval music, abbreviation medmu.

If on the one hand we got dirty & poor peasant kind of medmu, and on the other kings & queens & infinite power kind of medmu, I’d say our tune is somewhere in between.

Maybe a town fair with peddlers and pigs and turnips and all, where everyone’s invited. How nice!

My favourite word of today: Medmu!