Monthly Archives: February 2017

3 Rule deal.

Sometimes it’s healthy to limit your methods of producing a tune. You know, to have a new perpective.

SLAYER OF PAPER TIGERS was a commission from myself. I gave myself three rules:

1) Short, simple, melodic tune
2) Use only one instrument
3) Early video game feel

Well, I gotta admit I failed miserably. There’s two instruments.


The good thing is that, although there most certainly are lots of rules in music, you don’t have to follow them. Just do whatever pleases your ear, spine & brain.

Ha! Don’t you tell me what to do!

Working title: Roundtree vs. Grier.

Sequel time. The first in the series was about trench coats, crooked cops & car chases, whereas this one’s about leather jackets (those with huge collars), crooked cops and chases on foot.

So, here you go: 70S THRILLS II.

I wonder what’s the third one gonna like?

Should I go all exotic with Kumar vs. Dharmendra & Bachchan or Lee vs. Chan?

Or should I abandon the decade and head on to the 80s? No shortage of great versus battles there, cos you know, 80s was the golden age of action movies.

Ok, now the poster of the film “Expendables 3” popped in my mind. Too many, too much, too soon.

I think I’ll just stick with the 70s.

Mathematical headbanging.

Metal time. This time a proper one. No guitar synths, no silly faces, just grrr!

The title is FINAL MAJESTIC DEED and in addition to metal it contains some prog, although I’m not exactly sure of how modern it is. Progressive metal just sounds better than regressive metal.

That would be reg metal, like reggae metal?

Very interesting…