This site contains royalty-free mp3s for you to listen, download and do whatever you want with. You can use my music in your video, game, app, blog or wherever. You can remix and tamper with it any way you choose. You can use it commercially or just for the giggles.

All you have to do is give me credit.


This means that you must include my name and some other information in your end credits / description / somewhere visible. Like so:

Music by Eino Toivanen, kongano.com

Copy and paste the above text to the appropriate place. If you have to include the whole legal mumbo jumbo, the text would be:

Music: “Title”, by Eino Toivanen, kongano.com
Licenced under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

Remember to replace the word ”title” with the actual title of the song.


Nothing. That’s it.

If you got any questions regarding this site, don’t hesitate to pop me an EMAIL.


Everything in this site is composed, recorded, mixed etc by me. My name is Eino Toivanen, and my one man studio is stationed in Helsinki, Finland. I’m a composer, musician, teacher and at the time you’re reading this, I’ve got my own music site as well.