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Earworm 2020: Oldies but Goldies edition.

Lots of worming’s been going on.

Early in the year it was “A Visit From The Dead” by King Diamond. (Love that song!)

In the summer it was “Zig Zag Wanderer” by Captain Beefheart. (Love that song!)

However, two pieces by the Move are the clear winners here, the songs being: “Hello Susie” and “Looking On”. Both of them are first songs of their respective albums, both of which came out in 1970!

Man, they were working back then!

And yes, love those songs!


See you in 2121!

Christmas Score.

Christmas Score – the Game – the Movie. Official rules:

One (1) point for each completed feat:

Wear woolen socks, have a cup of eggnog/mulled wine, give a present, taste a food you’ve never had before, decorate, receive a present, smell cinnamon, hug a person, hide a present, touch a plastic Christmas tree, watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”, set or help set the table.

Three (3) points for each completed feat:

Wear elf hat, listen BURIED, do not listen or even accidentally hear “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, touch a proper Christmas tree, watch people watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” dubbed in french, avoid argument with a family member about politics & religion, dance.

Five (5) points for each completed feat:

Eat at least 1,5kg of food in one sitting without throwing up, see mommy kissing Santa Claus, find a hidden present, watch “It’s a Wonderful Life” dubbed in french, feel the magic in the air tonight.

The game will start in the morning of Christmas eve and ends at 23.59 Boxing day. Good luck!

More prgrck.

What we’ve got here is failure to understand when a song is done. “Nothing’s ever really completed”, said George 50.

I could have easily spent 2-7 days more making this tune. Writing hieroglyphs with my quill, while looking all dreamy, and at the same time minding that my prog-cape doesn’t get wrinkles. Also, I’d do some rehearsing, playing & editing.

Unfortunately, I have a schedule to keep.

The solution: Replace one word with another!

SHAMELESS PART TWO. This is the part where our heroes are at their lowest point.

Scroll way down for the first one.

…and then there were part 3.

Yes. It’s December.

The nights are dark, except for the strange & colouful phenomenon up in the sky, that is Australian wildfires caused by climate change.

People go happily shopping for Christmas stuff. Tramful of passengers spontaneously bursts into singing “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”. Strangers greet & hug smilingly at the market square.


The most anticipated event of the history is a vaccine, rather than the second coming of the Beatles.

Oh well, December is still December: ELF PARTICLE.