Monthly Archives: February 2021

Quality bass player never gets bored.

If there’s a single word that nicely describes BACK TO BASIC, it’s “horizontal”.

Sure, I started the job vertical, made 2 bars sound neat. Then 4, which I expanded into a 16 bar (?) chord structure. Little by little I spreaded the mass to last fourish minutes.

Painter painted a house, blue and red.

The tune sounded pretty cool, even in this cold wednesday morning. Reminded me of better times.

You know…

… That’s it! I’m off to finish writing a joke that has been formulating in my text files for years!

… To end this writing session on a high note.

Like 4 weeks ago.

… ‘cos sometimes you gotta go slow, high & low. You may have to put your feelings aside, and just focus on that one thing, that requires a helluva lot on concentration and poise. That, of course, can be said about a bunch of things like surfing, panting or repairing a damaged monocle, without the risk of repeating yourself. YUNNAAYA. But then again, who of us is to say when to completely stop regarding your emotions, and purely rely on rules, that were probably written by some Belgian, several hundred years ago? Them of us maybe, but wouldn’t you nonetheless say “sardines”, ‘cos sometimes you gotta…

It just sounds funny.

What you’re about to hear is almost effortless guitar playing. Gee whiz!

Both of the guitar tracks are (almost) edit-free. Yours truly played ’em in on one take, and the takes you hear are also the first takes. This post contains more takes than the tune. Amazing!

Well, to be perfectly honest, on the first guitar, I kinda missed final beat, so I was forced to cut the track, and move the latter part a bit. This was the (almost) from the previous paragraph.

This ain’t no honky tonk or donkey konk. This is SPLONKY DONK.

Fab Feb.

Welcome to February!

What a fabulous month this is! 28 days placed perfectly inside 4 calendar weeks. My heart sings a merry song everytime this kind of occurrences happen.

Funfact: 29th of February is in Finland commonly known as “karkauspäivä” (=the day of escaping).

So, sorry for all of you, who are in dire need of getting away: You’ll have to wait until 2024.


Also 2, this post contains a hidden & very childish joke.