Monthly Archives: January 2020


Not much to say about DREAMENGINE. It’s fun & harmless pop, with a hefty dose of oriental elements – a gift shop sort of way.

So, sudden groundbreaking realisation to the rescue!

Have you noticed the similarities between “Rambo II the main title” and the famous theme from “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”?

Of course the individual notes are not the same, but their pacing, musical phrasing is spot on.

I have a feeling that Jerry knew exactly what he was doing. After all, the man is a winner of golden effigy, and overall a brilliant composer.


Where do they come?

A while ago, I watched this movie called “The Gambler” (1974). It’s opening credits featured music that was very reminiscent of “The Godfathers” opening. Sad trumpet being sad and moving very slowly.

(“The Gambler” also had Santino Corleone in a starring role – college professor with a severe gambling and shirt buttoning problem)

I quite liked the music and the film, so afterwards I thought that hey, I want to make my own tune with sad trumpet and stuff!

So, there you go: AND THEN ITS GONE.

What’s the “it” in the title then, you may ask. What is gone.