Monthly Archives: February 2016

Leap day update.

No, it’s not a disease. It’s about the threat of iron stars.

Space sensor ribbiting. Satellite slowly turning it’s face towards the menace, making a deep, creaking sound. Small flying debris crashing, forming bigger chunks, making nearby space impenetrable.

Oh yeah, there’s no sound in space. Nor 666.

KESSLER SYNDROME is real deal though.


I’ve never quite understood what makes some tunes new age music…

Is it the unbridled optimism? Smooth & relaxing sounds? City slicker spirituality? Does it’s composer need to wear a hippie shirt and do yoga?

Well, I only do normal stretching and my shirt is black, but some of the conditions I mentioned are certainly fulfilled in CROSSWIND THINKER.

Unfortunately, we got no “new age music”-category. Shoot!

I’ll just call it cinematic then. Closing your eyes while listening makes it true.


Let’s get onomatopoetic. We got cause of the sound, english word for it and finally its finnish counterpart.

Sneeze: Achoo – Ätsihh.
Lion: Roar – Mur.
Snoring: Zzz – Krooh pyyh.
Cow: Moo – Ammuu.
Water: Drip drop – Tip tip.
Crash: Boom – Pum.
Fart: Poot – Prööt.

Those are some of the common ones. But how do you english speakers write “buu-du”? You know, the thing baritone saxophone constantly plays in THREE MAGIC SLIPPERS?


The art of avoiding is a wonderful term from arranger Russell Garcia. The term is all the things you end up doing, when you really should be doing something else.

I’m sure many of you can relate to that.

I was just avoiding writing this post by shaving. Then it struck me: Why not write the post about this. Avoiding, not shaving.

Then I called my father to check if it was Russell Garcia who came up with the term, not George Russell. Garcia allright.

Then I felt a bit peckish and made a smoothie. Banana, blackcurrants and yogurt. Yummy.

At this point, this whole post was already clear in my head. All I had to do was to sit down and type it down.

That was some pretty good avoiding, I must say. And I made the whole post through without mentioning LULUS PETALS. Attaboy.