Monthly Archives: July 2020

Summery fun.


Didn’t know the gameplay mechanics nor the rules.

Now I know.

It’s surprisingly complicated, not just jumping around.

Well it’s not complicated like The Twin Prime Conjecture or “it’s complicated”, but still.

I have never played hopscotch. Do I wanna? Sure why not, although I probably never will.

Croquet is my game.

Did you know croquet was featured in olympic games of 1900 and 1904.


No need to read the title.

I now kinda wish I didn’t name todays masterpiece LOST LOVE. Using such a strong title takes away the fun of bringing in your own interpretation. I grow more fond of the idea of abstract music every day.

Oh well.

Also, in this piece, you can hear all the sections (strings, brass, woodwinds) doing their own thing. This creates a very clean sound, that is easy to listen.

Oh yeah.

Hip combination hop.

Usually when making a period piece, you gotta be really careful not to break the immersion.

Like, imagine british soldiers with modern pompadours, listening hip-hop from a boombox in WW1 trench setting. It’s a pretty funny image, but nothing but silliness in being established there.

I tend to be a full-blown puritan when it comes to such matters. No powerful drum sounds in 60’s pop, no guitar shredding in polynesian folk music, and no synthesizers in romantic classical music.

VINTAGE CHILL is an exception, albeit not as extreme as the examples I just made. It’s kind of… 60’s to 80’s vintage chilly-chill stuff.

The illusion is gone, but I like it!

Concerning moshing.

13 seconds of moshing – Doesn’t even break a sweat.

3 minutes and 27 seconds of moshing – Not bad. Some sweat, minor dizziness & a couple of barely noticeable bruises. Mind the phone though.

Gigful of moshing – Several minor bruises, elbow to the cheek bone, stiff neck. Clothes covered in various unwanted substances. 10 % chance to lose car keys, 20 % chance to lose phone, 85 % chance to lose Dave. Nothing a good nights sleep won’t fix.

Lollapalooza of moshing – Achievement unlocked: The leaking tent.

Decade of moshing – Whiplash, 1d3 missing teeth and permanently hardened toenails. Gained a need to wear an embarrasing hat, use the word “man” in the end of every sentence and several bad tattoos. Tinnitus.

Full professional career of moshing – Earned the title: “Kerry King jr.”