Monthly Archives: October 2019

The scary birthday update.

Yesterday was konganos fifth birthday. Yay, yeah! This year I couldn’t spare the time to make an extra tune. Sorry. Busy me is busy.

Halloween is slowly creeping in, so here’s the very official scary tune of the season: LORD LO BRO HAS RISEN FROM THE GRAVE.

It’s like LoFi music for a show about scary castles, mad scientist & teenage atomic zombies, directed by Ed Wood.

I’m off to watch “Bride of the Monster”.

Spark of inspiration was hopping near the garbage bins.

Some time ago there was a morning I had serious problems with my musical ignition. I just couldn’t make the decision of what to do.

Should I go orchestral, acoustic, guitar-stuff or electronic? What genre shall I conquer next? How do I feel right now?

I knew I wanted to make something from scratch. I have a cubic metre of A4s filled with musical notes, but I didn’t feel browsing through them.

Then I took out the trash. Literally.

On my way back in, I stopped to watch some house sparrows. Funny little guys. Hopping there, looking for food.


LE MOINEAU A LA BOUFFE was composed and recorded basically in one (long) sitting. Living is easy when you know exactly what to do.

Thanks sparrow guys!


HYPE builds up slow. When you expect it to explode into your consciousness, it disappears for a brief moment only to come back almost instantly.

Then it really starts to build up slowly.

Hype promises a lot and when you start to get impatient it doubles down the promises, and keeps you hooked.

When Hype finally reveals its hand, you realise the awful truth: Hype is the dealer in game where it makes up all the rules, and where it is always the only winner.

Hype is a big jerk.

Nobody attends the funeral of the Hype.

Combo mambo.

Unbalanced & amusing combo. Perhaps one I’ve never used before.

Yeah, gimme that.

No need to feature every section of the orchestra. No need to cover every frequency imaginable. Some stones may be left unturned.

For now.

Another one of those, that I like to call orchestral comical entertainment music: FUNNY FANNY.

It is played on a windy day by a tapir, a mackerel, two parrots and a colony of chinchillidae, all living in peace and harmony in a tropical island, and the surrounding waters.