Monthly Archives: August 2023

Storytime of Tragedy & Comedy.

Which person do you think about the most? Living or dead.

Well, yourself. Of course.

How about, after yourself, which person do you think about the most?

Family & friends, loved ones. This is just as obvious.

Let me rephrase once more: Which person do you think about the most, which is not yourself, family member or friend?

I think my answer is Santiago Cañizares, a football goalkeeper who played for Valencia and Spanish National Team in the 90’s and 00’s.

Before you start to thinking I’m a crazy person, let me give you an explanation:

Cañizares was a terrific goalie and won many club titles. In the national team however, he was unfortunate enough to have his career sandwiched between goaltending giants Zubizarreta and Casillas. In 2002 Cañizares got his big break. He was the first choice keeper for the upcoming World Cup.

Just weeks before the competition, disaster struck! Cañizares severed his tendon in a freak accident, involving broken glass from an aftershave bottle. The result: Goodbye World Cup & hello surgery.

(I read years ago that he dropped the bottle and tried to stall it with his foot, but couldn’t find any information about this)

So, ever since the early summer of 2002, everytime I grab that aftershave bottle to disinfect my face after shaving, I think of Cañizares, and act very carefully. And I do shave quite a bit, so that’s a lot of thinking of a particular retired football goalie!

It’s a pity that Cañizares never played for any team called UNITED. That would’ve been a nifty segue for todays tune.


Three amigos – Three friends
Three Days Grace – Three Dog Night
Three kingdoms – Three kingdoms
Three-toed sloth – Three-toed earless skink
Three of a kind – Three of a perfect pair
Three little pigs – THREE LITTLE POETS
Three-point field goal – Three-point lightning
Three crowns – Three lions
Three Rivers x1234

Dancing Vigo.

Now here’s a song title that has been sitting on my hard drive for a while: I SAW HER SPAWNING THERE. To my amazement, göögling the phrase gave no results. So, I call first on this one.

For those who absolutely despise lazy wordplay in a (supposedly) humoristic context: I’m sorry. I shall refrain myself from making such dumb remarks.

Now, concerning the tune in question, it sorta kinda asks the question: Should you go clubbing, if your ball and chain lets you, or do you get maced to the face?

Also, happy birthday L.!