Monthly Archives: September 2019

Those kind of people.

Controller doesn’t work. Input didn’t register. Who changed the keyboard layout.

There aren’t supposed to be anyone. It has never worked like this before. What am I supposed to do here?

Of course the opponent drew that one card, that could bail him/her out of this situation.


Bloody snipers, heartless gankers & griefing jerks.

I couldn’t see anything. I couldn’t move.

Stupid RNG, bugs & glitches.

That guy – probably called Kevin – who keeps stealing money from the bank.

That lucky son of a…

All the things listed above are nasty ways of CHEEDY CHEEDY.

Weight comparison day.

Apparently, the lightest material on earth is graphene aerogel. It’s 7.5 times lighter than air. Now that’s what I call light!

The heaviest material on earth is osmium. The internet told me that it’s very heavy. Osmium Zeppelin doesn’t sound as funky as LZ though.

ONE PUNCH WONDER is probably the lightest tune available in your friendly neighbourhood kongano.

The heaviest… I’m not so sure about that. Maybe some tune found in the metal category… Few other candidates could be picked in the “cinematic” section.

Music rarely obeys the laws of physics.


Who needs visa to USA?

Who needs Ronaldo?

Who needs or who need?

Who needs bloodlust?
(Editors remark: What!?)

Who needs a real ID?

Who needs life insurance?

Who needs sleep?

Oh, Google. You googliest of all the googles. You googster with your people interpreting skills.

My contribution:


The answer: It’s complicated.

Storytime – good time.

A while ago, I was reading a book about evolution. Human evolution, to be exact.

At some point, my mind started wandering even further back in time, into the time when life on earth was mostly found in ocean(s).

I pictured this funny looking but pretty clever little fish-guy, thinking vigorously what’s beyond the watery plane he’s currently living in.

I smiled when I thought about the fish-guy taking a peek from the water, and gasping a bubbly gasp in amazement. There’s something out there!

Then millions and millions of years went on before my eyes, when the clever little fish-guy jumped on the shore, and grew a pair of legs.

And then I had to re-read the last few pages of my book.

The next day I made OUT OF THE WATER. Ode to my silly little day fairytale about a clever little fish-guy.