Monthly Archives: June 2021

Leo II.

It’s funny how a single word can trigger an inspiration to do, well anything. In this case, two pieces of music.


1. something that is in the Alps


1. A very high mountain. Specifically, one of the Alps, the highest chain of mountains in Europe.


1. A Swedish rock band, most notable for their 1986 hit single “The Final Countdown”.

I could do this all day, and have fun doing it. But I won’t. Gotta go out & walk the shoe.

Leo I.

…or more like: “Top 2 Words According to Me, from Leonardo Da Vinci’s Big Book of His Favourite Words.”


1. softness, smoothness, tenderness, mellowness

The translator guy translated the word from italian to finnish as “hämyisyys”, which I particulary like.

Yes, somebody just read Da Vinci’s biography. A fine book it was.

Next week: More words Leo liked!

Summer Boogie.

Summer is here! Sun is shining, super-yay, Al Pacino saying hip hooray.

(Or more like “Hip, hip, whoo ah!”)

What I’m gonna do is:

– Wake up screaming: Gooooooolll!
– Watch 7½ football matches, 3 live, the rest reruns from the 60’s and 70’s
– Try to get some sleep, while WAITING FOR THE MORNING


Good times!