Monthly Archives: March 2015

Chip hip.

Ok, yet another chiptune-tune. Or ”chiptunish” because there’s some conventional percussions as well.

The snare drum is all chip. That’s the sound that takes me back to 80’s: Sitting in front of a TV, watching a loading screen slowly load in. And waiting. And waiting…

I sometimes use anagrams in song titles and I think BANGLE ICON’s a one. I’ve completely forgotten what the original words were. El bacon gin?

Working title: Something oriental.

Confession: I have no knowledge nor experience of any kind of asian folk music. I’ve listened some J-pop, paid attention of the soundtrack in a random Hollywood movie when the chinese character is first introduced and can name several Beatles songs which have Indian influences.

Unfortunately that doesn’t mean anything.

Sure I made some research about instruments and stuff before making this song, but that only made me realise that I don’t know jack. Because my days on this planet are most likely quite limited, I think I’ll save studying ragas, the secrets of koto and chinese traditional opera for the next life.

Without further ado, northern boy’s attempt to create something oriental: THE TALE OF THE PIG AND TWO SNAKES.


About the PUPPET HEDGEHOG RIDING A RED CONVERTIBLE IN A POOR QUALITY ANIMATIONs title… Yeah, that’s exactly what I started seeing when I’ve recorded a good 3,5 bars of it. It’s funny how sometimes songs appear so strongly before your eyes.

It took awhile, maybe a couple of hours of brainstorming to figure out that the hedgehog in question is none other than Robert from the movie ”Meet the Feebles”. But what the heck is a puppet doing in an animation? Figure that, me.

About the song: Not much. It’s just some simple feel good pop, with a touch of reggae.

And yeah, ”Meet the Feebles” is awesome.


Making blues sound bluesy enough in konganos context can be a bit tricky. Blues doesn’t have much of a melody, it’s only got blues. And rhythm, well it’s there but it sure isn’t in a starring role.

I think I found SMOKEY WINDS’ blues from a dialog between guitar and organ. Neither of them say very much, but what they do say, it’s all blues. Communication in a language of blues.

I had a mantra when playing in the guitars: ”Play less. No, less than that. Play less!”

With this addition, there’s now at least three songs in each genre category. Small yay for that.

Let’s dance.

I don’t have a lot to say about this weeks song. It’s dance music, with danceable rhythm, simplistic melody and, well, not much more.

Unnecessary fun fact of the day: The ending, starting approximately at 4.17, is the first thing I recorded for the track. I only left it there for the giggles. Neat little sound, isn’t it?

*drum roll – DANSMANIA.