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Bread covered with maple syrup & nonpareils.

There are chord progressions that I consciously try to avoid. You know the most obvious ones.

Why exactly?

Now that I think about it, there are reasons, but they’re really hard to explain. It has something to do with “just not wanting to settle for the most obvious result” and so on.

Jeez, that sounded stupid, Dr. Obvious.

Hmm, gotta think about this. After all, pop music often seems to play it safe.

Ok, ok, getting to the point: FADING TOUCH indeed plays it safe. Slight googling informed me that the chord progression in question is called “50s progression”.

Cast an eyeball, daddy-o!

Royal rock.

“Oh good. Again he has taken an idiom, altered it and slapped it on a piece of music as an label. So very clever.”

Yeah, that’s what I do.

“People who play with words are like undisciplined kids who put coins on railroad tracks.”

Absolutely. Although squishing words doesn’t interest me a helluva lot. I like to throw them into the air and get them back all shapeshifted. Fun stuff.

On the other hand, getting FEATHERS IN YOUR CROWN is pretty grim business. Also it’s good balance for last weeks cotton candy and next weeks bread.

Bread covered with maple syrup & nonpareils.


The premise for FRUITCAKE was really straightforward and can easily be explained with a single word: Casio organ.

I can hear some of you smiling knowingly. For those who are not, I suggest doing a image search of those very special words. Imminent aha.

Casio organ. The words just fill me with warm feelings of simpler times, when life was mono and shown through CRTs.

“Feeling a bit blue today? No problem. With our latest product you can change your favourite tunes to play in minor instead of major!”

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