Monthly Archives: March 2016

The revenge of the stupid self-plagiarist.

For a person that doesn’t particulary like 80s music, I seem to deal with that kind of sounds surprisingly often.

Not that I particulary dislike that stuff… It’s just that, it’s the same exploding snare drum, flamboyant synthesizers and cold & dead atmosphere all over again… You know… Knight Riders theme song is fine, Street Hawk is meh and that’s about as much I can take in one sitting.

Anywaaay, only slightly cold or dead, drum-exploding tune that probably has a mullet: PEGHEAD IS BACK.

Recycling is good.

The band that’s featured in PHOTO WOULD BE NICE is a jackpot. All the instruments blend into each other beautifully, despite the fact that they represent different generations of electronic music.

There’s percussive rhodes and moog synthesizers from the 60s, SID snare drum and a wacky NES chiptune sound from the 80s, smooth synth layer probably bearing the flag of the 90s, and some other stuff, not particulary hailing for any specific decade.

In fact, I liked these sounds so much, that I used them in a another tune as well. “Star surge space purge” can be found in the electronic category.

Week of the shorts III.

Yes, it’s SHORTS time again. This time we got:

“Totally harmless bird flute”, which is a chirpful solo flute piece. I guess the title itself is worth a thousand words. Spring is coming.

“Turning the honey jar” is easy listening folk / pop / margarine commercial music. Pro tip, do not store honey in a refrigerator. Nor olive oil.

“Saloon tardigrades night out” reminds me of arcade video game music, early 80s I’d say. You know, Tapper, Bozo’s night out and so on…