Monthly Archives: September 2015

Blast from the past.

All retro gamers out there rejoice! QUEST FOR FIRE is made entirely with NES emulators. (NES standing for Nintendo Entertainment System)

I’ve used some NES sounds before, as well as SIDs, but this time I wanted to limit myself to use only those good old shrieks & buzzes.

Overall it’s a simple and fun little piece.


Ok, here’s another latin tune for ya. This one’s probably the most authentic of those I’ve made.

Acoustic guitar is the star in PLATINUM TRAILS, there being several of ’em. It adds a nice spanish touch for the otherwise latinic feel.

I think back in the ’70s this sort of stuff was called latin jazz fusion. Because I fail to see the jazz in it, and because I can, I’m gonna call this one spanish latin fusion.

And oh yes, the Treasure Fleet and the Silver Train just got a competitor.

The neighbouring song part deux.

My songs – as well as these posts – surprisingly often come in pairs. You know, you just involuntarily end up making two tunes that share the same qualities. Stupid self-plagiarist!

KAT NIP is definately kin to my previous tune “Doge pep”, found in the pop section. And like it’s predecessor it’s about (overly) chirpy, but still loveable domesticated animals.

Yep yep.