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Close Enough.

Aka. the post that was written before the tune in question was even finished.

So, christmas music time it is.

What the heck, man!? Christmas music in november? That’s outrageous, egregious, proposterous!

Chill out dude. I consider this week to be the first of december, because things, like calendar.

Well then, how can you write about something that’s still under construction?

Simple. HYRSKYN MYRSKYN is almost done. I just wanted to take a little break before the final touches, and I thought to be efficient and write stuff in the meantime.

Hmph. I guess that’s ok.

Happy December folks!

“Yees I Wanna Goshdarn Medal!”


Well, that’s because there’s really nothing fancy there… Just heavily riffin’ thrash metal type of fun.

This time I went with a lighter metal song title. No need always for rivers of red, tales of the inevitable doom and hordes and hordes of skeletons with swords & spells & stuff.

It’s the darnest thing… Lately I’ve had this itch to play, listen and produce some good ol’ metal. And not just thrash, but also the nastier kind of stuff. Like blue, gray, death… maybe even black!

I guess it’s the effects of negative age kicking in. Hooray!

Working Title: MedFolk.

… meaning some kind of a medieval type of folk with medium tempo and some at least some knowledge of the future.

After finishing I took the easy route when naming the tune: MERFOLK. You know, those splashy blue guys & girls with tridents and flappity-flaps.

About the guitar… or should I say the lack of it… I definately had intentions of adding some… but then I decided to record it later… and all of a sudden the tune was ready.

Lesson learned: Folk music doesn’t always require guitar!


W o w . O u r  p o s t i n g s  l a s t  m o n t h  l o t s  o f  l e t t e r s . T h e r e f o r e  t h i s  t i m e  n o t .

T h i s  I  g o t t a  d o  p r o p e r l y : FANTASYLAND . D a n s c h ! ! !

W o w 2 . T h i s  l o o k s  t e r r i b l e ! M u c h  d i f f i c u l t y  a l s o . B a c k  t o  b a s i c s  n e x t  w e e k .