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Blazing Yamahas.

How do you understand the term “synthesizer music”? What does it mean? What does it sound like? Is it pop with a beat? Are the synths everywhere or just in the background? Do the sounds stab you in the ear, or are they just chilling there, rhythmically or not?

Is your synth sound representative Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Arturia or the one in your phone?

To me, ALTA represents synth music to the core, in a soundtrack sort of way. Not much beat – well, maybe a little garbage can banging. My synth ambassador would be Mr. DX7.

Hmm, I’ve noticed that I tend to use a kind of “annoying sounding” synth sounds quite a bit. You know, like the one in the lead there. Good annoyment. And oh hey, there’s some counterpoint there.

What’s counterpoint?

… no. Not gonna explain. Just ask neighbour or a friendly-looking stranger at the bus stop.

Basie Ending Lite.

Umm, in my notes regarding this tune, it says: “Höppö höp höp”. The extremely loose translation would be: “Silly sil sil”.

(6oo6le translate suggested “whoop whoop whoop” some some reason!)

I think what I meant by those words was that while YES IT THENCE is certainly jazzy, it’s also pretty silly (=höppö). Not high art here, just some fun.

Fun! Cake! Party hats! Woo hoo!

As It Should Be part 2.

Even More Modern Musical Genres:

– Crotchgaze
– The Stuff You’ve Heard a Million Times Before But Worse
– Traffic Danger Step
– Canceled
– For Getting Annoyed At The Supermarket
– Big Pop
– Produced by *add random numbers
– BicepCore
– Nostalgic Antidepressant
– Only Liking This Because The Performers Are Young Which I Am Not
– Urban Snarl

MYSTIKON VAPAAPÄIVÄ falls into the category “For Nature & Science Documentaries”.