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Konganos so very official christmas song of 2015.

Since it’s almost december, I think it’s appropriate to put out some christmas music. Dear world, can you please not to stuff all that x-massy stuff to my face in october!

Last year we went with a tune, that was like a picturesque wintery post card with a text “greetings from Finland”. This time we’re about just as traditional, only in a merrier way.

TOMTE TROUPE TRILL is those creepy christmas elves stalking behind our windows. You know, spying us, writing down who’s been good, bad or ugly.

Merry listening.


Absolute music means music, that’s about nothing. It doesn’t depict any event, emotion or object. Just melodies, harmonies, cadences, parts and what not. Interpreting the result is up to the listener.

If you come across to a musical piece titled something like: “Violin concert op. 14 in Gb major” by Ernst Von Hubbels, that would be a fine example of absolute music.

I’ve always avoided naming my tunes like that, although I like the idea of not forcing my thoughts for the listener. Just a habit I guess.

I had already completed the work in question when I came up with the expression THE LAST THANK YOU. And no, I have no idea whats that about. So there’s my almost absolute music for ye.

Not exactly Q & A.

Q: How to make music sound old in a good way?

A: Easy. Use old equipment.

Q: How to make music sound old in a good way, without a hangar full of dusty & barely functional recording gear?

A: Well…

KERNEL HEART is an experiment in the field of “vintagezation”, trying to make a tune sound like it was recorded ages ago.


It’s been a while since the last RnB update. Oops, my bad.

COFFEE AND EMPATHY is some RnB, funk to be precise. It’s pretty organic, you know it’s got “real” drums, trumpet and saxophone.

I really should use saxophones more often… After all, it’s the electric guitar of jazz… (And electric guitar is the violin of rock…) And because saxes are great!

I guess I also should use Hammond organ more sparingly… But they’re great too!

Problems, problems.