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TANGIBLE starts off with my favourite chord, and that just may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever said.

Anyway, the chord is minor 9, that also features a rare instance of b9 – the nastiest of all intervals – inside the chord, in a manner, that makes it sound not-so-nasty-at-all!


The tune is trip-hop, I guess. It’s pretty neat.

Valuable Asset.

Hey yeah. Let me present ye something we didn’t have at all: COOL DOG HOP. It’s rock ‘n roll. Not rock and/or roll, nor “rock ‘n roll”.

It’s pure & innocent historical music, 50’s style. (With slightly more straight-forward rhythm.)

That’s one tune less in my ToDo-list. Now there’s only 345 entries.

Hold on… I just received more information in my ear monitor… There is 346 entries in my ToDo-list… Hang on… the voice says 347… No, 349…

Animals: Part Zeus.

Correction: Plants.

Apparently FOXTAIL is natures own spore dispenser machine.


Also, interesting is how Mr. Google gives me very different image search results when I type “fox tail”, instead of “foxtail.

Confusion involving compound words, man. They sneak their way into english.


The Very Exciting Conclusion.

… this one goes to the electronic music sub-category of “Traditional Synthesizer-Dream/Nightmare, which ever you prefer”.


Adding these complex (and intentionally bad, in a humoristic way) descriptions, would be winning a battle, but losing the war.

You could say, that I’m gearing towards the absolute music naming policy, of using only numbers.

Hmm… Or how about naming music only with punctuation marks?

Imagine a rough & tough rock tune called \(+)/

Cute little folk ballad with a flute that’s titled ยค{,

Percussion oriented, cheesy trailer-bait piece titled _$–>

I like it!

Neverending War With Words.

… and meanings & the whole context. The whole culture of communication, if you will!

Here’s the deal, BENEVOLENT AND THE BRUTE is todays tune and it’s supposed to be “cinematic”, although I very much dislike the term, that seems to be the substance, causing my heartburn.

“Cinematic” does not tell you a dang thing! It’s a broken umbrella term, that let’s the rain creep in, as I try to think out time.

More suitable term to describe our tune there would be something like: “Massive burst of metaphysical instruments, going mezzopiano, then forte and then piano, indicating great drama”.

“Cinematic” is not the only word I’m complaning here. For instance…