Monthly Archives: September 2017

Cell & AI.

Ambient new age soundscape music – the pesto of musical genres. Cayenne pepper of the soul, the vessel that holds the cream of the crop, if space itself is milk.

NON ANGULAR is some doozy space quest stuff. It twinkles, sprinkles, goes back and forth and around.

Expect imminent brain tickling.


Naming a piece of music can be frustrating at times. So many good titles are already taken. That’s why they’re good, I suppose.

In my books, it would be cheating to name yet another tune “Time” or “I want you”, or you know. Not even if the song really, really wants to be called like that.

What I often do is, I think outside the laws of physics, create a random combination of letters, let’s say XARDONIC, and there you go. A unique title!

Yeah, that can be counted as cheating as well.