Monthly Archives: August 2017

Journey to the other side.

SOKODIIVIT is a place in your mind.

Now if it were an actual place, it would be an island in the Indian Ocean, east of Port Mathurin, south of British Indian Ocean Territory, west of Keeling Islands and north of La Roche Godon.

(Hands up, who have never spent way too much time in Google Maps, when you really should be doing something else?)

I’m picturing the island as the sister of the Gal├ípagos Islands. You know, exceptional plant life, endemic species & volcanic activity. Cast Away without the volley ball & One Million Years B.C. without the violence.

This kinda music always gives me impressions of something, something I can’t quite put my finger on. And poking one’s brain could potentially be hazardous.

Fancy words & neat phrases.

Lying has a long history. In fact, it has been suggested that the world’s second oldest profession could’ve been pickpocket, con artist, quack or spy, all of which require at least some level of lying.

And of course lying isn’t exclusive to humans. Our animal friends do it as well. Dave the Antelope can also act like a total jerk.

The world we’re living in gets more complicated every day. And like everything else, lying gets new forms. “Terminological inexactitude”, “to be economical with the truth”, “alternative facts”. They all mean the same thing.


REVERSE LOGIC is something I came up with, in two ways. Although I don’t exactly know what it means, I bet it is some evil shichi.

Waltz – Take two.

Here’s the second waltz of the summer.

HAUNTED WALTZ is a study of a simplest kind of melody that just keeps on varying and repeating.

The result is – as mentioned a few weeks ago – a tad dark. But also moody & folksy.

Shout-out to the greatest instrument in the history of the universe: Mellotron.