Monthly Archives: December 2018

Not really a list.

Some things in life are great. In fact they’re so great that one doesn’t even need to provide reasons for their greatness, because they are so great, that their unquestionable greatness is the reason.

Great things in life:

– Woolen socks
– “The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown)” by Fleetwood Mac
– Hot sauce of your choice

Tremolo, the guitar effect comes pretty close to this kind of greatness, but it’s not quite there. Yet. Time will tell.

Stuff that has something to accompany guitar with tremolo: VIA APPICE.

Those who know, know.

That old brain again.


This is the “Why on earth I haven’t uploaded this track yet, although it’s been sitting on my hard drive for months now”-update of the year.

Reason this time: I still don’t know, man. Perhaps the time just hasn’t been right.

But hey, this time it is! KALEIDOSCOPE has some nice bells and twinkling and stuff, although it was not meant to be that christmassy.

On the last day of this month the next update shall be
One moviesque tune
Two parts were played
Three is a number…

…and so on.

Sudden groundbraking realisations.

The rhythm of the main riff in the “Raining Blood” by Slayer is exactly the same as the famous theme from Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”!

Now, can it be a coincidence?

Of course it can, but I personally don’t think so. Power of the unconscious mind. Or just plain conscious.

Believe or not, I noticed the similarities myself, several years ago. Apparently the fine people of the internets have made the same observation. Good for us.

THREE SIDES IN EVERY TURN is the name of the game today. I couldn’t think of anything special to say about it, so unrelated words to the rescue!