Monthly Archives: July 2016

The noise.

Today I felt like recording some acoustic guitar.

“Maybe a two guitar piece, the second one playing with capo on 7th fret? Maybe some weird tuning, one I’ve never used before?”

And then the construction workers started drilling concrete on my backyard. The noise was unbearable, telling me: “No, you don’t record acoustic instruments today.”

Luckily I had recorded PASSABLE TIMES TOLERABLE TIMES a few weeks prior. So there you go, some acoustic guitar for ye.

Concerning dancing.

Would you commission a person who’ve danced maybe three times in his life to produce you a dance music tune?

Yeah, I might be a fool, but certainly not a dancing one.

In my defence I have to say that I’ve made 300+ compositions in my life. That number being a very rough estimation.

So, I guess you could say that yes, despite my inability and reluctance to dance, you can commission me to produce dance music but not to choreograph a dance.

Let’s make it official: I do not make dance choreographies!

But I did produce SLAP.