Monthly Archives: March 2023

Vintage Pop.

Sea monsters are aplenty.

We got Cetus, Hydra and the Sirens of the Deep. Apkallu is Akkadian, Moby is a Dick and good ol’ Nessie lives in the Loch. Kraken terrorizes the seas of Norway & Greenland. Greeks got Scylla. Leviathan is biblical and everybody loves Cthulhu.

Finland’s got one too: Iku-Turso, the old bugger!

TURSON IKULLE (“For Iku-Turso”) is supposed to be Finnish folk music, as ancient as it comes. Well, not banging two rocks together ancient, but pretty old nevertheless.

Fun fact of the day: The cling-blingier string instrument parts features only five (5) notes – as if it was played by a 5-string kantele!

Balancing Act.

Last update contained some horribleness, therefore we change the course:

FAIRY SONG. It’s cute & fragile.

So, how about those mallets, huh? They are really my go-to instrument when producing this kind of stuff. Let glockenspiel do it’s trick and wham, you have entered the fairytale land, where everything’s colorful, fantastic and magical.

Addition to the New Musical Genres List:

– Magic is in the Air ‘n Sh…