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Are all combinations of words in English language already used?

I thought I was being original for naming a tune ASPECT OF ANT, but no, Dungeons & Dragons (the tabletop game) apparently has some feature of similar name. How was I supposed to know that? I haven’t played D&D in like, 25 years!

Ok, let’s see Mr. Google, are the following expressions taken:

– Fear of plastic cutlery
– TV-spell
– Luminous rampant potato

1½ out of 3 were already in use…

Activate more originality!

Urban birds update.

In a way terms of endearment are like open heart surgery – it’s instructive to read about it, but really awkward to witness.

Double awkwardness & pain for a serious heart condition + diminutive, like “Achy Breaky Heart”. If you know what I mean…

I thought the term “dove” to be of Russian origin, because it’s so frequently used in Dostoevsky’s “Humiliated and Insulted”, but apparently it’s mostly English & French term. You heard this from a non-expert of classic European literature.

Anyways, FLY MY SWEET LITTLE DOVE is not meant to be taken literally.

By the way, the term “toots” which Donald often uses when talking to Daisy, is translated in Finnish as “pulu” (=pigeon).

Although I love Duck comics, “Fly My Sweet Little Domecticated Pigeon” just wouldn’t sound good.


What we’ve got here is failure of robotic specimen to function the way it is expected to. Getting up & running after a recharge is much slower than it’s supposed to.

Hey, it’s like the “The Afternoon of a Fauns” metallic version, “The Morning After of an Android”.

Or it could just be the heat.

Fake news told me that table fans are sold out in this continent. And apparently so is reasonably priced mineral water. Dang you greedy people with your need to drink, who got to the corner store earlier than me!

By the way, the chords in SLOW MOTION are drizzle, not torrential as usual.