Monthly Archives: May 2015


When I think of music played with harp, the images I immediately get are very clear: It’s either some angelic bliss or fairytalelike sweeping. And what also comes to mind is a fellow named Marx.

OH PEARLY HAVEN is a standard harp tune. No scary sounds, no strong rhythm, not much variation. Just some harpy stuff.

Modern concert harp is a pretty complex instrument, with 47 strings and several pedals. To be honest, I have no idea if this tune is actually playable or not. Maybe i will never know.

Rocko rollo.

It’s been a while since I’ve made a rockin’ and/or rollin’ update, so this is it!

FLASHING FORK OF DESTINY is some synthesized hard rock of epic proportions. As intended, it makes me think of boxing and has a silly title.

Yeah yeah, nobody likes musicians with their stupid inside jokes… Nevertheless here’s a couple:

Brimful of tys to J. Thunder and his fists of fussy for being the inspiration for this song!

And a huge thank you – as well as “thanks a lot buddy” – to Larry for the technical support!

The ever changing update.

Oh yes, the spring is here. My runny nose feels it. My hand holding sunglasses feels it. What a wonderful time to be alive.

Todays feature PADAZZA is a one chirpy & springy tune. So I guess if I’d ever put out an official springtime song of 2015, this would be it.

Oh yeah, and it’s one of those ”unique”kind of songs. I couldn’t think of a proper genre, so unique to the rescue.

Cruisin’ 2.

Cruise ship lounge. Suppertime. Sunburned tourists gulp pork chops and shrimps. Little kids cry & scream, adults just scream. Too much wine. Queues everywhere.

In the back corner lurks a two man band. They’re playing the most extreme middle of the road stuff. Easy listening, elevator bossa nova. Nobody notices them and their light blue toxidos.

CABLE FERRY TO THE FELT TOWN is a kind of a hipster version of that. It’s easygoing but also pretty organic.