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Love It In The Morning.

Ok so, SMELL OF THE IRON was supposed to a real, tangible bass in it… It’s just… I made a demo bass track, which was nice to have there, when I was recording guitars… And when I was done recording ‘em, I noticed that I liked the synth bass track! It’s synthetic alright – much more than I intended – but it provided great balance to the dark & bassy guitars, that were after all the core of the tune.

So, that’s why.

Explanation accepted. You are forgiven.

Thanks man!

Coming up next week: Not metal!

Its’ Fishies.

“Thumb piano stuff”, I said to myself the other morning.

Then I did some googling.

I was already aware that thumb piano (or finger piano) is the same thing as kalimba, the latter being the official name of the commercially available product. Kalimba is of course based on the East & South African instrument Mbira (or ikembe).

Then I listened some authentic finger piano music.

What I got out of it was:

– Melodies aren’t very “melodic”, they just sort of float there
– No “strong” chordal stuff, meaning… lots of chords with major 3rd or 5th (interval) as a bass note
– Lots of repetition

Then I placed my hands on the keyboard and started messing around. Uncharacteristically for me, I barely used any quantization (making every note’s time exact). I wanted to keep the tune organic & lively.

So, that’s where FISH IN THE WATER came from.


ONE TRICK PONY is pretty much a one trick pony, because that’s what it is.

That’s it, thank you, goodnight everyone!

Ok, a few more words: The single-minded trickiness was just how it turned out to be. Adding stuff is not always the solution.

About the saying, this is the most obvious idiom I’ve ever googled. TL;DR, circus! That’s all you need to know.

From ponies to fishies…

END (abbr.)

“Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage” has been on my to-read-list for a while. Apparently, it’s an amazing (and horrible) tale of survival and… well, endurance.

I’ve been reading a few other boyish adventure novels as well, like Kipling and Verne, the stuff I missed out when I was younger. Great excitement & fun! (And horror)

To make things a bit more challenging & educational, I’ve been doing this sort of reading in english. Although, reading Kiplings “The Man Who Would Be King” in english was a little rough… Oldish language, endless historical references and long passages of freemason terminology made sure the reading experience was clunky, to say the least…

Anyway, ENDURANCE, inspired by “Endurance” (which I still haven’t read), powered by endurance.

End ur rants.