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Set in jungle.

When a tune is titled FOR WERNER, you may ask what has he done to deserve a piece of music for himself?

It’s a fair question.

You may also ask, don’t we all deserve a song written specially for us.

It may be so, or it may be not. Although very often the relevenat question would be, who would lift the cats tail if not the cat itself.

Now to get back to todays tune. It’s something that would be perfect to accompany a documentary film set in the Amazon jungle, and what would follow a vampire who lives with bears and chases impossible dreams.

Sudden groundbreaking realisations part 1.

Some time ago I started listing things that are fairly obvious observations of our current reality and, that have somehow escaped my attention. Usually these “things” have nothing to do in the grand scheme of things. They’re trivial, stupid, childish – and therefore greatly amusing.

I’ve been holding this list, and sometimes making additions, in a case there comes a day I’ve got nothing to say about the tune of today.

So, here we go. My first sudden groundbreaking realisation:

Tim Curry – Jim Carrey.

Get it? The names of these two wonderful people are quite similar!

This is how we go from groundbreaking to anticlimaxing in a matter of seconds.

Now that the distraction has made its job, it’s time for ELECTRIC WILLOWS. It’s pop, it’s jumpy. It’s hip and it’s fun. No groundbreaking chords, no breathtaking melodies.

Jolly good!

Drum roll.

…and the winner by unanimous decision is:

Tyrannosaurus Presley! GZ.


Although our Brazilian friends dominated the summer and Giant was able to make an appearance in most unconventional times, there really wasn’t any question about the winner.

Our honorable judges found the originality of the earworm simply enthralling and pointed out the following facts:

– The winner holds the record of most minutes stuck in subjects mind (in 2018)
– The winner was a one time collaboration between two deceased artists
– The winner was by far the most annoying as well as the most amusing of the nominees

On the other plane, this weeks tune is called DESPAIR. Next weeks’ specimen is not.

The traditional list that got stuck.

The nominees for the best/worst song that earwomed me in 2018 are:

– “Time to Kill” by Gentle Giant
– “Mass Hypnosis” by Sepultura

And a very unusual double feature of:

– “All Shook Up” by Elvis and “Get It On” by T. Rex

While waiting for our panel to review the nominees, sit back, relax and get ready to be SPARKLINGSTRUCK.

Also, Happy!