Monthly Archives: December 2023

After All II.

Accidental Christmas music time part 2 it is.

Yeah… I was going after some joyous orchestral stuff with quieter and louder parts taking turns, but after adding the glockenspiel, I felt like putting on an elf hat…

But, there are absolutely no jiggly bells or reindeer growls of any kind, so BRAVADO PLAY is not tied to the season.

Hmm, what kind of noise does reindeer make?

Off to the uTub!

Apparently reindeer sounds are pretty boring. It’s kinda like pig grunting, but a little more self respect. To be honest, I was expecting something more majestic. Although, it must be hard a sound enthusiastic when a fat bloke is whipping your butt, while you’re trying to do your job of carrying packages for 8,1 billion people within a narrow time window of 24 hours.

Anyway, wrapping up 2023 here. See you next year.

Merry & happy & greetings!

Time Off.

Then something completely unrelated to any kind of seasons burdens.

BIRDLAD! It’s trance-trip hop-space pop-blip-blop-electronica-whateveryouwannacallit-sort of song.

The bulk of the tune was made on one longish sitting, programming the beat, recording the bass part and adding the organ & synthesizers. Then I took a break, knowing that the composition still needed something more. Like melody or solo but not quite.

So, I recorded some melody and/or solo, but very little!

(I think I was thinking of the saxophone part in “Milky Way” by Weather Report. Spoiler: eton elgnis a ylno fo stsisnoc ydolem ehT)

Good choice mate! Surprises on a steady background.

After All.

About making some Christmas themed music… I was thinking of sitting this year out. But then stuff just kept on coming…

So, I made two tunes that are “sort of” holiday related, in a “kinda” and “iffy” way…

QUADRIFOGLIO is the first one. It’s a pretty little solo piano piece, with no jingling of any kind.

The second one I’ll be uploading… umm, hang on… in two weeks! That bold decicion was made two seconds ago.

Stay tuned & frosty!